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The Osiris Invocation - Audio Download 


Osiris is perhaps the most well-known of all the ancient Egyptian gods, representing justice and eternal life. He was often represented as a sun god, being associated with the cycles of growth and decay in nature. Ancient Egyptians believed that Osiris brought renewal to the earth each year after the harvest season, symbolizing rebirth and regeneration. To honor this god and ensure their own prosperity, they would make offerings at his temple and perform rituals in his honor. Today, Osiris continues to be an important figure in many modern spiritual practices, representing the power of nature to inspire us and bring new life into the world. 


Osiris is also in charge of our journey through the human cycle of life. He rules and controls the entire process of life, the afterlife, and the the end of life. His divine power runs through our veins and controls our desire for life and the after life. This control of the entire process of our existence is called The Osiris Force. If you want to fully evolve beyond this cycle, you will need his help to do it.


The Osiris Invocation helps to connect you with the God Osiris. The audio contains an invocation spoken by Master Gibson that will help to disrupt the Osiris Force, which will not only reduce the need to continue the human life cycle but will also increase one's supernatural abilities. The words of this invocation will also be provided so you can repeat it alongside the audio. This invocation is amplified when wearing the Osiris Matrix Pendant while listening to the audio.  


This audio works best if you listen to it with your eyes closed. 


Price: FREE ($300 Value)


(9 reviews) Write a Review

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    Tybro products

    Posted by Betty on Jan 17th 2023

    The invocation of God Osiris is phenomenal just like all tybro products it's only Jehovah that will reward you master Mitchell for all the Free products,they have truly help my spiritual progress thank you, thank you, thank you .

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    Osiris Invocation

    Posted by Gavrielle Wachter on Jan 2nd 2023

    Thank you so much Master for gifting us the Osiris Invocation. Last week Osiris visited my dream and made a very clear request (in which I immediately acted on). I felt a closer bond to Osiris after the Rapid Deification and Rapid Enlightenment practices. I'm so appreciative to honor and invoke his divine presence with this powerful audio.

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    Osiris Invocation

    Posted by Paula on Dec 29th 2022

    I love it . I REALY had no idea what to expect as I listen to it while I’m sleeping . My dreams are so detailed more than EVER.It’s like I’m truly involved . I see what they say as this is the dream world we live in here . Thank you , I’m looking forward to much more experience with this audio .

  • 5

    Posted by Francine on Dec 27th 2022

    The powerful energy flowed immediately while listening to this beautiful invocation, I am sincerely grateful to you Masters (& Family)

  • 5
    The Osiris invocation audio

    Posted by Jonathon k brazile on Dec 26th 2022

    I was absolutely blown away by craftsmanship put into creating such a brilliant invocation, truly a masterpiece given to the world by our beloved masters, Thank you so much.

  • 5
    Priceless Gift

    Posted by Edith Aubert on Dec 26th 2022

    Words can not express how deeply Grateful I am receiving the tybro tools, instructions, and applications. The Osiris Invocation O my goodness! Along with the Rapid Deification , and the Webinars explain so much. I find myself reviewing the webinar along with the tools, Amazing. I truly sense internal changes. I am so much more disciplined with my spiritual practices. This is one of this most valuable insurance policies one should acquire, Priceless.

  • 5
    Divine Connection Indeed

    Posted by Shirl Rhoades on Dec 26th 2022

    This is a truly remarkable gift of Love! The magical sounds penetrate your very being, sparking electricity in the parts of you that are beyond human! What a powerful gift! Infinite gratitude Masters...Blessings to you!

  • 5

    Posted by brian grabowski on Dec 19th 2022

    Thank you so much Master for creating this phenomenal Invocation!!! The words and music resonate with the heavenly vibrations of the Divine Royal King Lord Osiris. What a fantastic masterpiece!!! Thank you Lord Djanthi Thoth

  • 5
    Absolutely Beautiful!!!

    Posted by R. Coates on Dec 19th 2022

    This audio is absolutely beautiful!!! It definitely is one where you can put on repeat and let it go for a couple hours. I felt a sense of calm and peace while listening. It seems strangely surprise there! HAHA! Another beautiful gift that has been shared with us. Deeply bowing with much love and gratitude Masters. Thank you.