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The Invocation of the Unborn One

The Invocation of the Unborn One is an invocation of the Highest Level of Consciousness available to a human.  This prayer has its roots in almost every major spiritual tradition on earth.  When one works with this energy, you are essentially drawing out a portion of your highest and most evolved spirit from the Mind and Breath of God.  This prayer aids in the construction of the human body of light.  It activates the energy of the primordial elements within the body.  It also has the ability to draw the body of light out of the Sun over time.  The Invocation of the Unborn One awakens the potential of the primordial cells within the body that eventually become your body of light.  These cells lay down the foundation of the body of light within the physical body light a template. 

The Unborn One is the aspect of ourselves that resides within the Body of God.  This aspect of Self is Immortal and Omniscent.  It has no birth, and does not die. It has no beginning of days nor end of life. This part of our consciousness is the root consciousness of The Body of Light.

Use this recording in conjunction with your regular practices.  It works well when used with The Imaginal Cell Meditation. 


Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson


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    My new favorite meditation

    Posted by David L. Williams on Jul 27th 2020

    I purchased this mp3 years ago and got away from using it regularly. Lately, I have found myself deeply depressed with suicidal thoughts and a bleak outlook on life. I recently recommitted to doing this meditation daily and have had a wonderful shift in confidence and self-appreciation. This tool has answered several prayers and has given me the self-love that I need to move forward. Thank you Grand Masters Dr. Mitchell Gibson and Acharya Kathy Gibson.

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    Splendid Meditation

    Posted by Giorgio Capuzzo Italy on Nov 20th 2017

    If you meditate this audio will make your meditation hundred times more deep and profound, it takes your deeper Angel inside you to come forward to Bless your life, it make it happen to meet the Angel that reside deep in yourself. Amazing product. Thank you the best money that I ever spent!!!!