The Invocation of the God Abraxax

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The Invocation of the God Abraxax


Abraxax is the earliest known form of the God Djanthi Thoth. In Ancient Egypt, He was the Creator God and guided early man to higher civilization. Abraxax is the name given by early Gnostic Christians to denote the embodied Form of God. In the language of the Gnostics, God represents fullness. God is the source of all being and form. If a God were to materialize in the temporal world, we would have to give him a conceptual label and name. Gnostics gave this Label the name Abraxax.

Abraxax can provide us with a definition of God for the future. It will be as if Abraxax far from being a forgotten idea of the past was really a powerful and correct interpretation of God, waiting for the right moment to emerge and become more widely known again.

We met the God Abraxax about two years ago. We studied him and recently he revealed himself to Be one of the most ancient Egyptian Gods. He has helped us in many ways with our business, health, and manifesting money.

This invocation was spoken into existence by both Acharya and Myself. It combines the Spiritual Power of two Masters to invoke The God Abraxax into your life. The power that he brings is real. We have witnessed it. We hope you will try it for yourself.

Master and Acharya


Words spoken on Audio Recording


I invoke the eternal sun of the great Abraxax,

I let out myself from the evil of the fallen

I live by your eternal light.









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15 Reviews

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    Posted by Andre on Sep 15th 2023

    Absolute masterpiece

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    Review of the invocation of the God Abraxax

    Posted by Chelsea Arias on Jun 13th 2023

    I first saw this video on YouTube I was so hypnotized by it I felt the urge to play it over and over again. It made me feel very calm and relaxed. While looking at my aura in the mirror i noticed that it had changed form. It was not the typical round form around my body, as I raised my arms up and down in the mirror my aura turned into a bunch of small light blue rectangles. I have never seen anything like that before and I am not sure what it meant but I know it was definitely due to this invocation. I really like this one.

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    This spoke to me

    Posted by Moor_SoulKnowledge on Feb 9th 2022

    This definitely activated something just off the sample. I've been listening to a few invocations so this was in alignment to my objective. Thank you Master Gibson for this gem.

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    Words Cannot Describe

    Posted by Meaghan Perrault on Feb 16th 2021

    The voice of Master Gibson and Master Acharya are very calming. Words cannot begin to describe the feel the invocation gives. The first time I listened to it I cried tears of joy. I felt an energy resonate within myself. I look forward to continue to listen to the invocation with consistency, and hope to work more with Abraxax. Pairs well with the medallion.

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    Posted by Arthur Lewis on Jun 10th 2020

    I can feel the power when I hear this invocation. I am excited to combine this with the medallion.

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    Awesome product

    Posted by M Parnell on Nov 22nd 2017

    I feel a resonance to this God. I love the voice of Master Gibson and Master Acharya. Very soothing.

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    Financial Blessings

    Posted by NF on Aug 2nd 2017

    After getting the invocation and learning the prayer and saying it daily. I won $200 on a $1- scratch off ticket..... The tools are effective it takes consistent practice.

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    Works Well

    Posted by Wayne Kotaski on Jun 21st 2017

    Picks you up and effective

  • 5
    Invocation of Abraxax

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 9th 2016

    I enjoy the invocation, I excepted only mr. Gibson to lead but I really enjoy invocation of Abraxax. I recommend it.

  • 5

    Posted by David on Nov 23rd 2016

    Not just a great invocation, but an awesome tool to meditate with. Absolutely recommend it!

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