The Labrador Current Music Stream - Audio Download

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The Labrador Current is one of the largest and most powerful magical currents in the world.  It connects several of the richest cities on the planet and is maintained by the power of Lord Odin himself.  It consists of two octaves of deep rich magical energy that may be tapped via the correct means.  This recording is the first of its kind.  It contains actual lightning current strikes from the Labrador Current and two octaves of the sound contained within the magical stream.  When you play this magical recording, you are able to absorb the energy of the current safely. The recording is over 50 minutes long and will enable you to take in the energy of the current no matter where you live on the planet.  The current is currently in a strongly empowered state and if you pray for what you need and perform rituals while listening to this work, you will be rewarded with great energy and help from the Gods.


Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson


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4 Reviews

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    Another great spiritual tool

    Posted by SamuEL on Sep 23rd 2022

    I brought this tool because it would enhance my rituals and spiritual practices. I brought the Magick Enhancement audio download years ago to be used with my rituals. This audio download is more powerful and its connnected with Lord Ordin and his power. I have a statue of Lord Ordin and his medallion. Yes, I love Lord Ordin. I see the effects with my rituals results such as miracles. If you do any rituals, you need this audio download. Always grateful for Tybro contribution to humanity spiritual development.

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    Posted by John K White on Sep 11th 2022

    The spiritual energy is taking me to closer walk with the Gods of creativity, true light, and I understand the principle of true spirituaity

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    Good Opening

    Posted by Nin Koy on Sep 2nd 2020

    I really like the opening start of the stream. Reminds of a classic rock song. Something Lord Odin would probably enjoy. I imagine if Lord Odin came down to visit he would probably be a biker. Independent, strong, determined free spirit. Out of all the Gods he got his own magical current. The Labrador Current. WOW!!! It's quite easy really. All you have to do is listen. I listen while scanning the quadrant spells. Word of warning don't listen to it before bedtime. You won't be able to sleep. Everybody should get this recording. It is a simple and passive way to do your spiritual practices. Thanks Dr. Gibson!!! Thanks Lord Odin!!!

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    The Odin's power current of Labrador

    Posted by Kirubakaran Rajagopal on Aug 26th 2020

    Is it Zeus's resounding Lightning bolts or Thor's Thundering Hammer ?! Perplexing indeed ! However that is our Master ji's craftmanship capitulating on Odin's Labrador Lightning streaks into a sheer harness of captivating music of the Godly Masculine Electrical Power transforming it just from the crude-raw force to a blended tamed pulse just for our plain benefit of a divine streaming current of Pure Blessings ,from being the utmost potent of all that Ma Earth can manifest the maximum yet from its overall Lifelines of such Masculine currents of Electricity yet ! Lord Odin but did pay with a hefty price of a great sacrifice to borne us with such an immense and worthy magical gift for Ma and her people that too,is now available as an Audible musical current now available as another Innovation of a Tybro's effortless tool needful for Humanity's great leap forward in manifestation as co-creators !! Let's ride on it to surge into ecstatic heights ,materially ,psychically and spiritually ! God Bless !!

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