The Lord Ganesha: The Lord of Light Medallion

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The Lord Ganesha: Lord of Light Medallion


Lord Ganesha is one of the most powerful of all the Celestial Deities. His body is said to contain the power of the whole universe and he can remove any obstacle.


The Lord Ganesha Lord of Light Medallion provides the user with a small amount of the power of the God himself. The Lord Ganesha Medallion allows the user to possess a small amount of the power of the God. This medallion can be worn with you daily. There are features and symbols on this medallion that will allow for the purest and strongest of energy’s to flow through you.


There is a term that applies to prayer to a very personal aspect of a god. This term is Ishtadevata. It refers to a very intimate part of the deity. When one owns a medallion or vessel with the properties of the Ishtadevata, he/she can rely on a very intimate connection with the power of the God.


The Lord Ganesha Lord of Light Medallion allows the user to anchor a portion of the power of Lord Ganesha on this world. In addition to clearing karma and increased prosperity, the user can act as a vessel for the God. This effectively makes one an Avatar for the Power of Lord Ganesha during life and beyond. Because one makes the investment of faith and power in the God, the blessing extends beyond death itself.


Owning this Medallion makes one an Avatar of the Lord Ganesha. The power of the medallion will extend into your life and the life of others who are near you. The longer you own it, the more the power of the God manifests within your life. Ultimately, your life will mirror that of the God and dissolve old nagging blocks and makes room for prosperity in your life. 



We have ordered a limited number of these medallions.


Price: $400.00


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    One of my favorite medallions!

    Posted by Leigh Ann Phillips on Aug 18th 2018

    The feel of this medallion is quite extraordinary. I have been wearing it while I work with the Ganesha tablet, an have noticed I just feel clarity and a higher vibration. I am quite sensitive to energy, and this medallion feels wonderful. Thank you for making such an affordable way to be an avatar of Lord Ganesha!

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    Posted by Shiri Ji on Aug 7th 2018

    The power and magic of this medallion has been beyond what I ever expected. There was an instant connection and transfer of energetic power THE MOMENT THIS PIECE WAS PURCHASED. Upon arrival, everyone around me was affected, from the moment the MEDALLION arrived. I am grateful beyond time and space. Thank you Lord Ganesha, for granting this boon! Thank you Master Gibson for hearing and fulfilling the plea of so many. Blessings to you.

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    Very Powerful !

    Posted by Ransom on Jul 31st 2018

    The power of Lord Ganesha is very strong within this medallion! I’m noticing I manifest things quicker with it than ever before. The first day I used it with my ancestral offerings .I erased both lineages tribulus/debt . I’ve been doing this practice for years with no signs of completing this task. What was left after burning each ancestor bills were small pieces that said 00000 on it . That is the confirmation I asked them for years ago to let me know that I’ve exhausted their debts . This is my favorite medallion next to the Aos medallion.