The Magical Body Empowerment Stone

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The Magical Body Empowerment Stone


We have completed a couple of dozen magical body reports to date. One thing that we have seen consistently in the energies is weak magical body force. The magical body is the part of your being that performs magic. It is contained within the etheric form and protected by the aura. The magical body should optimally store energy within the medium to above average range but most of you are testing in the low to very low range.  This most likely results from lack of solar energy intake, lack of proper exercise, lack of proper kundalini circulation, and other factors that conspire to keep you weak. Most of you don’t do enough magical ritual work to keep your powers regulated and strong.

The magical body empowerment Stone is designed to empower your magical body. It is an agate sphere that has been empowered with strong magical currents that are programmed to help your weakened magical body grow. The Stone has been psionically empowered with raw magical force, healing energy, aura regenerative power, and raw life force. The charge within the sphere is designed to last for 100 years with regular use. With heavy daily use it will last about 20 years.

The sphere should be held in your right hand while you meditate for at least ten minutes per day, longer if you wish. You may also place it under your pillow while you sleep. There are no special mantras, mudras, or katas that accompany this Stone.

The sphere will add power to your system over time and this will help your magic and your magical body grow.

The Master has to empower each Stone individually and supplies are limited.

 You do not need the results from a magical body report in order to benefit from this energy.

Diameter- 1.5 inches


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    Awesome Stone!

    Posted by Lori Schwartz on Oct 6th 2021

    I love the Magical Body Empowerment Stone! I use it almost every day. It makes my body feel stronger. and enhances my spiritual practices. Strongly recommend!

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