The Light Body Empowerment Scrolls

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  • The Light Body Empowerment Scrolls
  • The Light Body Empowerment Scrolls


The Light Body Empowerment Scrolls


The body of light is the eventual goal of intense spiritual study and focus. The achievement of full immortality and the body of light occurs in successive stages. These stages are tied to moral, emotional, and spiritual advancement over time.

When an individual is born, certain areas of the soul remain tied to lower realms, especially if the individual has not managed to raise them during the after life period. These discarded and ignored regions of the soul generate lower thoughts, self-destructive behaviors, illness, disease, and hinder the upper regions from turning into light and higher forms of matter. Your dreams, earthly habits, daily thoughts, speech, and sexual practices are a mirror for showing you where your soul resides.

The Light Body Empowerment Scrolls are designed to help the user expand their light body and release their ties to the lower realms. Combine with the kata shown (in product description) during meditation to connect with the power of the scrolls.

This set of scrolls contains ancient symbols, empowered by Master and Acharya.

This product is recommended for use with the Human Body of Light Medallion, Acceleratus, and the Body of Light Mantra Audio Download. 


Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson


Price: $1200

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