The Master of Thirds: An Order of The Red Dragon Story - E-Book

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The Master of Thirds: An Order of The Red Dragon Story - E-Book



"He materialized slowly from the nascent light that was once my hut. He was very tall, several feet taller than the woman. His skin was darker than hers and his eyes glowed like twin suns climbing over the mountains. The most frightening aspect of his visage was his hair, or at least the part of his head that should have been covered with hair.

In that space, a small volcano erupted, spewing lava and smoke. The lava ran down his skull onto his face and disappeared into a wisp of steam and smoke. He wore ornate jewelry and medallions and a large spear-like object pierced his nose. I did not know what he was, but I knew that he was not any sort of man I had ever seen."

Thus begins the story of the origin of The Master of Thirds. The Master is one of the oldest and most powerful beings within the Order of The Red Dragon. He lives currently in Africa where he protects a large cloaked village. He is very friendly toward human spiritual aspirants and this is his origin story. The spells that accompany this work are original and will help you connect with this incredible being. We will only offer this wonderful book through the end of the month.


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