The Nephilim Ring of Power (Two)

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The Nephilim Ring of Power (Two)


The Nephilim Gods are beings who built much of our ancient world and shared their knowledge and power with humans freely. Their technology, monuments, and intellectual achievements still baffle scientists today.


The Nephilim Ring of Power taps into primordial energy and infuses you with spiritual strength, power and vitality. This unique ring is handcrafted with rare materials that connect you with your higher self. Hold the ring in the palm of your hand or place it on your altar to connect with its power. As you work with this ring, you will notice an increase in energy, stamina and overall well-being. The ring can also help to open up your intuition and heighten your awareness.


We have one ring available in this design. It is approximately 2.5 inches long. 


Price: $3000 

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