The Order Of The Red Dragon Charter Dagger

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The Order Of The Red Dragon Charter Dagger




The Order of the Red Dragon is the oldest spiritual organization in in the world. Its mission is to guard the evolution and healing of mankind and all sentient races. Part of their charter mission, is to protect and empower all the magic used in our domain. Part of this charter was the creation of the elder scrolls. There were 6 different types of elder scrolls: healing, magical empowerment, protection from darkness, consciousness evolution, growth of the light body, and physical mastery. Master Rolenthiagn was renowned for his mastery of ancient magical scripts of The Order Of The Red Dragon that bestowed upon him extraordinary abilities. The magical scripts held the key to healing, empowerment, protection from darkness, consciousness evolution, growth of the light body, and physical mastery. They were guarded with utmost secrecy within the order's sacred library. Master Rolenthiagn had spent decades immersed in the study and practice of these scripts. With unwavering dedication, he delved deep into their esoteric teachings, unlocking their profound wisdom and channeling their mystical energies.


A village nestled on the outskirts of the sacred library found itself besieged by a dark force. The people of the village sent a desperate plea for aid to the Order of the Red Dragon. Master Rolenthiagn, upon receiving the message, knew it was his duty to intervene. With a heart full of compassion and a staff carved from ancient redwood, Master Rolenthiagn embarked on his journey. As he arrived at the village, he could sense the weight of despair and fear that had gripped the inhabitants. Taking a deep breath, Master Rolenthiagn raised his staff high and began to chant the sacred incantations from the magical scripts. A radiant light enveloped him, and the air crackled with an energy that seemed to transcend the physical realm. With each word he uttered, the wounded began to heal, their bodies mending as if touched by divine hands. The darkness that had plagued the village was repelled, replaced by an aura of protection and light.


Master Rolenthiagn's mastery of the magical scripts extended beyond mere healing. He empowered the villagers, instilling within them a newfound sense of strength and courage. Their hearts, once burdened with despair, now brimmed with hope and resilience. But Master Rolenthiagn's abilities did not stop there. He guided the villagers through profound consciousness evolution, helping them shed their limitations and connect with the vast well of wisdom and knowledge that lay dormant within them. Through ancient rituals and deep meditation, he unlocked their hidden potentials, enabling them to tap into their innate magic. As the days turned into weeks, Master Rolenthiagn led the villagers in the growth of their light bodies. They embraced the teachings of the magical scripts, honing their spiritual energies and expanding their luminous auras. Their newfound radiance acted as a beacon, dispelling the remnants of darkness that still lingered in the surrounding lands.


In time, Master Rolenthiagn passed on his knowledge and teachings to his most dedicated disciples, ensuring that the legacy of the Order of the Red Dragon would continue to illuminate the world. The magical scripts, safeguarded within the library, would remain a source of empowerment for generations to come.


The Order Of The Red Dragon Charter Dagger is charged with magical scripts to spark the evolution of the owner in these areas. Placing this dagger in your home will allow the energy of the scripts to slowly work with your own innate power and cause it to grow over time. Hold the dagger in your left hand while meditating on the specific area you wish to work on. As you connect with the scripts, the spark of magic within you will become stronger.


You will receive a FREE General Enhancement, Aura Enhancement, and Dragon’s of Light Imprinting Added to the dagger. 


Price: $500



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    ORD charter dagger

    Posted by Jsun on Nov 3rd 2023

    Hefty yet Royal and immediately felt a big boost and rush of energy upon holding! It Sparks of inspiration seem to just come out of thin air when using these tools such as ideas on how to use draw energy from the tools within daily routines! If thoughts are on finances ideas seem to also bloom! Looking forward to delving more into the mysteries and power of the order. Thank you for this grand opportunity! Continued Blessings ?????

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