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The Osiris Matrix Pendant

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  • The Osiris Matrix Pendant
  • The Osiris Matrix Pendant
  • The Osiris Matrix Pendant


The Osiris Matrix Pendant

Today Only! Free General Enhancement and Magical Power Imprinting! 12/13 


Osiris is perhaps the most well-known of all the ancient Egyptian gods, representing justice and eternal life. He was often represented as a sun god, being associated with the cycles of growth and decay in nature. Ancient Egyptians believed that Osiris brought renewal to the earth each year after the harvest season, symbolizing rebirth and regeneration. To honor this god and ensure their own prosperity, they would make offerings at his temple and perform rituals in his honor. Today, Osiris continues to be an important figure in many modern spiritual practices, representing the power of nature to inspire us and bring new life into the world. 


Osiris is also in charge of our journey through the human cycle of life. He rules and controls the entire process of life, the afterlife, and the the end of life. His divine power runs through our veins and controls our desire for life and the after life. This control of the entire process of our existence is called The Osiris Force. If you want to fully evolve beyond this cycle, you will need his help to do it.


The Osiris Matrix Pendant assists the user with escaping the matrix so that you no longer have to repeat the human life cycle. The circuit within the pendant has been developed to tap into the Osiris Force which will not only reduce the need to continue the human life cycle but will also increase one's supernatural abilities. Each one of these pendants will come with an activation spell to unlock its power.


For today only (Dec. 13th), we will include a FREE General Enhancement and Magical Power Imprinting service for the pendant! ($300 VALUE)


We currently only have 10 available!


Price: $300.00

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    A core spiritual tool for full evolution

    Posted by Beth Price on Feb 4th 2023

    To develop a relationship with the God Osiris, is an incredible and essential achievement in your spiritual journey. As Master states in this product description, the God Osiris is an essential deity to work with to be able to fully evolve beyond this cycle of incarnation. He rules and controls the entire process of life, the afterlife and end of life - this is an incredible gift that Master & Acharya are providing to us. On top of this, he offers the Osiris Ring and Osiris Meteorite - all of these products are incredible blessings which everyone should be working towards obtaining. Thank you Masters, very grateful to own these products.

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