The Philosopher’s Stone Charging Plate

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The Philosopher’s Stone Charging Plate
Pivotal to the alchemical pursuit was discovering the mysterious agent of transmutation that became known as the Philosopher’s Stone.   It was believed that this elusive “stone,” or substance, was endowed variously with magical powers to transmute metals, cure diseases, restore youth, and bestow immortality.  In medieval Europe, alchemists in the employ of the aristocracy postulated that base metals contained latent properties that could be chemically activated and refined into gold, the most perfect of all metals. 
In the Renaissance, alchemy of a spiritual nature attracted luminaries in science, mathematics and philosophy, among them Isaac Newton.  The goal of this “Great Work,” as it became known, was to perfect the individual by “leading out from within” the divine nature of the human being.  The divine nature is referred to as “the golden soul” in modern wisdom teachings. Likewise, it is said that the instrument of the soul in incarnation—the etheric or energy body that vitalizes the physical form—is filled with a golden light.
 My work with the divine inner soul has led me to create the first stage of the philosopher’s stone. The first stage is known as the white stage. According to alchemical texts, the stone of the philosophers came in two varieties, prepared by an almost identical method: white (for the purpose of making silver), and red (for the purpose of making gold), the white stone being a less matured version of the red stone.
 Some ancient and medieval alchemical texts leave clues to the physical appearance of the stone of the philosophers, specifically the red stone. It is often said to be orange (saffron colored) or red when ground to powder. My stone is an intermediate state between white and orange. I have learned a method by which I can transfer the energy and properties of my orange-white stone into a selenium charging plate.  The plate will retain the properties of the stone and transmit them to any substance i.e.; gems, liquids, medallions, and plants. This charging plate never loses its power and can charge an unlimited number of items with the power of the stone.  This is of course not a fully mature stone, but it has the energy of rejuvenation, healing, purification, and empowering the divine body of light. This plate will greatly elevate the charge of the elements within your body.
Note: This plate is about 2-3 inches wide. 
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    Rare treasure!

    Posted by Lori Schwartz on Sep 10th 2021

    The Charging Plate is a rare treasure! I use it to charge spring water every day. As I drink the water I can feel my energy becoming lighter, more energized and joyful. I also use it to charge crystal jewelry. This jewelry has become a powerful source of healing, vitality and joy for me. I am very grateful to Master Gibson for this plate. It is very rare for someone to be able to create the philosopher's stone. I feel very lucky to be a student of Master Gibson and to have the opportunity to own this plate.

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    The Philosopher's Stone Charging Plate

    Posted by Leigh Ann Phillips on Apr 14th 2021

    There is a beautiful, strong, healing energy that pulses when I charge spiritual objects and jewelry with the Philsopher's Stone Charging Plate.. I am charging some pearls for my Mom right now as a birthday present. I look at this as a great tool for humanity, to bring to people an energy, that if they start to resonate with, will support them to be on their path. Thank you so much for the opportunity to not only help my own spiritual path, but those of the ones i love.