The Robe of the Healing Angels (Kimono Style)

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  • The Robe of the Healing Angels (Kimono Style)
  • The Robe of the Healing Angels (Kimono Style)
  • The Robe of the Healing Angels (Kimono Style)
  • The Robe of the Healing Angels (Kimono Style)


Robe of the Healing Angels


Healing Angels are the soldiers of The Archangel Raphael. They stand anywhere between 9-12 feet tall. They have enormous wings covered in shiny green feathers spanning from 30-40 feet. Hundreds of years ago they would show themselves in the skies. Once humans had created weapons they began trying to poach them for their magical green feathers. For that reason, Raphael banned the angels from showing themselves amongst humans.


These Angels tend to watch from afar and only help when needed. When a person is finally able to get the attention and help of one of these angels, healing becomes almost instant. The healing power that these beings possess is almost that of Raphael himself.


This Robe was designed with a seal that does exactly that; invokes the consciousness of a healing angel. Wearing this robe while using healing books, medallions, radiators and spells strengthens the power 30x. You may have visual contact, but it is very rare as to they are not allowed to show themselves to humans anymore.


Note: These are ordered on demand and may take 2-3 weeks to receive. 


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    Posted by Kelvon Barkley on Jul 12th 2023

    I am absolutely thrilled to share my experience with the Robe of the Healing Angels. This remarkable garment proved to be a powerful aid in my healing journey, as it played a significant role in healing my abscess when combined with a spell from "The Healing Spells Book." I had been suffering from an abscess for a period of two months, enduring pain and drainage. However, my experience took a dramatic turn for the better when I performed a healing spell while wearing the Robe of the Healing Angels. Astonishingly, within less than a month, the abscess closed, drained, and completely healed. The first thing I noticed while wearing the robe was how soft, silky, and light the fabric felt. Its delicate touch seemed to caress my skin, provide me with immediate relaxation. This Robe exceeded my expectations in every way. If you are seeking a powerful aid in your healing spells, I wholeheartedly recommend the Robe of the Healing Angels.

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