The Temple of The Holy Elders

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The Temple of the Holy Elders



The Order of the Red Dragon is one of the most powerful spiritual organizations in the universe.  It is the main focus of our spiritual power and growth.  However, it is not the most powerful spiritual organization on earth. The Temple of the Holy Elders is composed of a group of Elder Cosmic Beings that live in a dimensional continuum that flows between earth and thousands of other domains. The Holy Elders are not human and they do not age and die in the way that humans and gods do. These beings control this domain and they are the entities that all earthly powers answer to, including the Bilderbergers.


They are known by many names, The Secret Chiefs, The Elders, and the The Celestials.  They live on several of the sacred mountains of this world. Most people do not know this, but a number of mountains over 20,000 feet tall have never been climbed. In addition, there are local and national sanctions against even trying.  Mt. Kailash, Mt. Kawakarpo, Gangkhar Puensum, and Karjiang, and Labuche Kang III are only a few of the peaks that have never been climbed.  These peaks are home to the Temple of the Holy Elders. 


These mountains are protected by these Holy Celestial Beings.  Mt. Kailash is home to five great monasteries and is also held sacred by several great religions of the world.  More than four billion humans hold this mountain sacred. The Temple of the Holy Elders is the most power organization on earth, spiritual, political, financial, and temporal.  They have held power here for many years.


Their members are not fixed in space-time and they move from one domain to another.  They hold trillions of dollars in assets all over the world and everything that happens on this world is under their control.  They do not allow the world to fall out of order in either direction of morality, spiritual power, or political power. The Order of the Red Dragon operates independently from the Temple.  However, when their resources and power is stretched or threatened by outside forces, they call upon the Temple for support.  The Order of the Green Dragon also operates independently of the Temple, but when they seek to expand their operations beyond a certain limit, they must seek the permission of the Temple in order to do so.


The Temple of the Holy Elders watches over the particular growth and evolution of this world. They work with the Orders so that we might have a chance beyond what nature and hard work would provide. They also participate in the creation of the Protocols that influence our growth and development.  They work with our Creators in this way.


The Temple of the Holy Elders will introduce you to this most powerful secret organization, their locations, members, and ways in which they can work with you.  Using their power, they can expand you greatly. 


Remember, there are no limits. Their magic is the strongest on earth.  Only the owners of this text will have access to their power.



Michael S. Djanthi


Price: $2,000.00 



*Advanced text orders typically take 1-2 weeks to arrive, as they are ordered on demand.




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5 Reviews

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    Temple of the Holy Elders

    Posted by brian grabowski on Nov 1st 2023

    After many years of having this tablet and working with and giving offerings to these very special beings. Thank you so much Master for this life changing Temple of the Holy Elders Tablet! I could never have imagined making a connection with such amazing beings, by far the most beautiful and wondrous creations in all of existence from the dawn of time until the end of time. My experience with the Holy Elders has imprinted my soul to a level that I cannot describe, and my days always start and end with thinking of how much I love them. These are beings are Billions upon Billions of years old. Interacting with them is like being an infant trying to talk to a supercomputer billions of years in the future. Their energy is like having a bright sun fully luminating solar radiation in a dark cave but their level of caring, compassion and love is the most powerful of all! The Holy Elders are definitely the most perfect, pure beings ever conceived or existed. Thank you so much Master for these connections! They have protected me and changed my life in ways I cannot comprehend. Thank you so much Master!!!!

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    Temple of the Holy Elders, after 1 year

    Posted by brian grabowski on Apr 28th 2023

    Thank you so much Master for this amazing tablet, I never thought that I would meet or have a connection with these truly miraculous magical beings. I have worked on and off using this tablet for about 1 year. After the first moment of opening the Temple of the Holy Elders tablet, all my days, nights, processes, rituals, ect ALWAYS start with prayers of absolute adoration, veneration and reverence towards the Holy Elders and I expect to continue throughout the remainder of my life. The Holy Elders have blessed me with a visit at times and their bright presence is like a miniature sun in a cave. Their energy shakes things up and has changed my life for the better, and opened up my senses to very acute levels. Their mere presence vibrates with an unimaginable existence of a high power of love radiating of the monumental Majesty of these Holy Elders.

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    The Temple of the Holy Elders

    Posted by brian grabowski on Nov 11th 2022

    Thank you Lord Djanthi Thoth for the absolutely amazing Temple of the Holy Elders tablet. The tablet opens up your senses and 3rd eye to very uncomfortable levels. However, you will not be alone in your perspectives. The Holy Elders will watch over you and guide you. They are beings of such an unimaginable magnitude of absolute perfection and consciousness words could not adequately describe them. Thank you so much Master for this gift!!!

  • 5
    Temple of the Holy Elders, my favorite tablet!

    Posted by brian grabowski on Sep 3rd 2022

    Thank you Master for blessing us with all your creations!!! They are the best tools on the planet! People have gone on lifelong quests for tools not nearly in magnitude as amazing as the gifts of the Lord Djanthi-Thoth. I am grateful that I don't have to travel to wastelands like Galadriel in "Ring of Power '' series looking for spiritual items, all I need to do is go on the Tybro website and hit order! ...The Temple of the Holy Elders is my favorite tablet. The Holy Elder beings in the tablet, are the most magnificent beings in all of creation. Master has processes and the names to get in touch with these magnificent beings where words cannot represent how truly amazing, they are. My last prayer before I go to sleep has always been the same after buying this table. I wish to always be in service to the Temple of the Holy Elders. Thank you Master for opening the doors for me with this divine tablet and these magnificent beings!

  • 5
    The Temple of the Hold Elders

    Posted by brian grabowski on Jun 18th 2022

    All of Master's creations are a masterpiece not from this world and an absolute Jem. To me this book is so special. The Holy Elders are so amazing and powerful I cannot comprehended. To me they are the essence of absolute pure love. I am so grateful to Master for writing this and allowing us to connect them.

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