Divine Empowerment Transmission (Audio Version)

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Divine Empowerment Transmission (Audio Version)


The Divine Empowerment Transmission, a strong divine creative force is infused into the spiritual form of the recipient. This divine force is first projected onto a series of divine talismans that are individually prepared for each recipient. The talismans are then blessed, consecrated, and charged with the task of empowering the divine creative force within the spiritual body of the recipient. The spark of the divine creative force exists in everyone, though it is dormant in most people. This empowerment transmits the force of the divine spark of the transmitter to the recipient inducing the innate divine spark in the recipient to awaken and augment its influence over the lower self. In the case of this divine empowerment, the force of the divine energy emanates from the primordial energy of the Medicine Buddha. The power of the divine empowerment transmission helps to remove the thick psychic veils that hinder the true perception of reality, spiritual growth, and inner harmony. 


Listen to the advanced audio everyday, for 30 days straight to complete the cleanse.


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6 Reviews

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    Divine empowerment review from the GN

    Posted by Brooklyn on Jun 15th 2022

    This audio was helpful. I can say I felt lighter after a while of listening. I can say I also started to let go of things while using this audio. I haven’t had any next level things happen in regards to the esoteric side, but who knows what’s suppose to happen. I’ll just keep it up, and update in the future.

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    Divine Empowerment Transmission

    Posted by Cyrus Kawalya on May 18th 2022

    The Divine Empowerment Transmission is one of the most powerful audio I have purchased from Tybro. It creates a calm internal space, balance and full focus attention in the present. I feel blessed having access to this divine transmission. I feel am going through a powerful transformation. Looking forward to completing the cleanse required in 30days. Thank you so much Master Gibson for blessing my life in special way.

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    Divine Empowerment Audio

    Posted by AMAZING! on Mar 19th 2022

    I am a cleaner, clearer, higher frequency version of myself for having worked with this Divine Empowerment for 30 consecutive nights. Some things I experienced: I traveled to a sacred temple, where I met the Medicine Buddha. I was invited to meditate with Masters on golden seats that rose up from the floor in a rectangle in the center of the temple. I was given a Magick Bundle of what I can only describe as golden knitting needles that I apparently know how to use to "knit" energy into sacred geometrical objects of power, which I did twice. I chanted and danced a sacred dance (that was also a fun game kind of like hopscotch) with a Master. The Medicine Buddha showed me an altar, called the Tabernacle, as his faced morphed/shapeshifted into a series of Master Teachers who all spoke to me in their native language, and Kermit the Frog and Elmo from Sesame Street delivered profound spiritual commentary, under a tree on the temple grounds. I LOVE THAT!! My brain's neuronet has been rewired. I am a more evolved me.

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    Posted by Alex on May 3rd 2021

    The Divine Empowerment Transmission has truly enhanced my self-mastery abilities. It is basically a shaktipat. By day 11 of the cleanse I witnessed my higher Buddhic nature overlay and augment itself in my body. From then on out, my ability to remain centered, stable and "non- attached" to situations has greatly improved. Base desires, egoic reactions and self generated negativity has lost it's power and Divine Self now exercises more dominion in daily, moment to moment life. It has also brought other people, techniques and realizations unto me. I consider this Divine Grace through Spirit. I am grateful for the Divine Empowerment Transmission. It has been a part of a big transformational period of my life. I highly recommend this audio to those looking to elevate consciousness to their next level and improve mastery of Self, ability to choose and respond in a new way with Spirit. Given that it's linked to the Medicine Buddha, I have found that there is also powerful healing energy that radiates deeper and deeper throughout the cleanse.

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    Divine Empowerment

    Posted by Siporia on Feb 1st 2021

    I really love the music of this audio it's so beautiful I am still working with it haven't completed my 30 days yet. It's very amazing

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    Posted by Felicia (Omo Fe Oya) Parker on Mar 8th 2019

    So beautiful!

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