The Words of Power Healing - Audio Download

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The Words of Power Healing - Audio Download 

Benefits: increases the body's natural healing potential, enhances the subconscious mind's ability to heal the body, helps erase the anxiety, doubt, and fear associated with the healing process, strengthens the power of the aura, helps to clear negative thought forms.

Since time began priests, healers, medicine men, and shamans from hundreds of cultures have been aware of the power of specific combinations of words and phrases. These "Words of Power", when spoken aloud or sung, or even when intoned silently within, are said to hold the power of creation itself. In the Bible, Genesis states that God said "Let there be Light!". In this passage, the Bible clearly implies that God used words to enlighten the world and everything in it.

In this unique series, you will hear an extremely powerful set of spiritual tools. The precise use and application of this technology has been hidden from the public for more than 3400 years. You are about to discover the secrets of Prosperity, Healing, Removing Negative Forces, Removing Obstacles, Spiritual Power, and Enlightenment through the use of the Word.


Words of Power for Healing

(spoken on recording)

Arom Nahrea- mantra used to unlock the power of the Words..

Yeli, Mahash, Aka, Haqem, Paha, Neith, Haa, Vamet, Moum

Arom Nahrea- mantra used to unlock the power of the Words..


Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson



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8 Reviews

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    Powerful Healing

    Posted by Shirl Rhoades on May 16th 2022

    Thank you for this precious audio. The sounds of these words is a very powerful vibration that wraps the entire body in a cacoon of Light and Love. Just holding the intention of Soul-feeding Joy, this audio heals beyond what is expected. Such a beautiful gift to this world, and highly recommended for physical, mental, emotional and even aides in conscious cleansing! Thank you again for this priceless gift!

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    Words of Power Healing

    Posted by Jazmine on Feb 19th 2021

    May you be blessed for sharing your knowledge of these Healing Words of Power. May peace and healing be bestowed upon all who hear them ❤️

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    The Words of Power Healing

    Posted by Leonard S Godfrey on Jan 17th 2021

    The words of power healing absolutely works without hesitation when applied as indicated, Touch area of body needing healing with your right hand and chant this phrase over and over for about an hour. I personally have gotten exceptional result in a variety of areas with only three repetitions a day- Leonard Geoffrey, Ph.D, Metaphysician Mantra Arom Nahrea, Yeli, Mahash, Aka, Haqem, Paha, Neith, Haa, Vamet, Moum, Arom Nahrea Dr. Mitchell Gibson has used this with good results

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    The Words of Power Healing - Audio Download

    Posted by Robin on Dec 13th 2020

    I have on repeat. I play for my altar so that they may benefit from the evolution propelled by the Words. I play in my sleep so the pronunciation seeps into my consciousness and I learn to repeat them daily. I play in the kitchen on low volume so that my family who would be skeptical if they heard of the Words of Power - I play for their subconscious mind and benefit. I will use it with my New Words of Power Medallion. Thank you Master, Acharya, Tybro Family

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    Very effective

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 3rd 2020

    I definitely recommend those who are not familiar with Tybro products to at least try out all the valuable free products including this one. They are very effective at helping us evolve in our spiritual cultivation and development. Give thanks!

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    Words of power Healing

    Posted by jason on Nov 11th 2020

    One of my favorite tools to tune in to healing energies...very calming. Once relaxed one can really tune into an altered stated of non resistance and ones own inherent sense of wholeness...joyfulness..a common theme with blessed items from Tybro

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    Evil eye removal fast

    Posted by Andre on Nov 11th 2020

    Awesome words of power very effective in removing jinx and the evil eye fast.

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    Words of power

    Posted by Betty on Nov 11th 2020

    Wonderful thank you, thank you and thank you master Gibson

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