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Words of Prosperity, in this CD, you will hear a series of Words of Power that are specifically designed to bring the power of success into your life. When you want to achieve real success, success without the roller coaster effect that wealth can so often have, you must recognize that all good fortune originates from the Light of the Creator. If you believe that you are the sole architect of your success, the actual creator of your prosperity, your disregard for the Light of the Creator will impel the financial roller coaster into motion. With the appropriate words of power, you can draw good fortune directly from the Light, not through your ego. The ego can provide you with some success, but ultimately, it strips away that success from some other important area of your life.


As you hear these words of power, focus on the clearest, brightest, most pure light that you can imagine. With all your might, remove all doubt and fear from your mind as you fix your attention on being happy, prosperous, and successful beyond your wildest dreams. All you have to do is to hold a single happy, clear, unadulterated successful thought in your mind while you focus on the words and the Light will do the rest. Another key to ridding yourself of ego based fear and chaos is to think big. Permanent happiness, joy, financial success, and harmony in your relationships are possible today while you are still on Earth. Letting go and letting the Light give to you what is rightfully yours is crucial. If you don’t genuinely believe, with all the fibers of your being that the things that you are asking for are attainable goals, then you can’t truly say that you are allowing yourself to thing big. In truth, you have let your ego trick you into thinking small………..again.


Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson



Words of Power for Prosperity


(spoken on recording)


Arom Nahrea- mantra used to unlock the power of the Words..


Keli, Lekab, Lehah, Sael, Vaho, Doni, Aumem, Mabeh, Aiau


Arom Nahrea-mantra used to unlock the power of the Words.


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5 Reviews

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    Words of Power

    Posted by Chiango on Sep 15th 2022

    Been using this for a few weeks now and i feel like my wealth body is building up slowly. I now use it with my words of power medallion and feel the power. Chanting the words of power for prosperity myself with my medallion feels very powerful. I know someday my boon will manifest. Consistence and faith are key to this work.

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    Words of Power Prosperity

    Posted by Jazmine on Feb 19th 2021

    Your voice is absolutely captivating! Thank you for these amazing words of Power

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    Crypto investment has skyrocketed!

    Posted by Jennie on Feb 8th 2021

    I've been listening to this audio almost everyday and saying the power words twice a day when I wake up and go to sleep. I can feel the energy of the words running through me. I've also been listening to many other audios, wearing the First Medallion, etc. Well, my crypto investment exploded today. Good things are happening! I am so grateful! I love Tybro!

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    Simply Excellent!

    Posted by J K DuBose on Feb 11th 2017

    This audio meditation allows me to stay focused on all the prosperity I desire. Excellent meditation tool!

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    Meditation for my BIG future

    Posted by Akua on Mar 18th 2016

    It didn't take long for me to enjoy this cd. I love a storm, so beginning this meditation this way was peaceful for me. Thanks for this coming during the Full Moon!

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