Words of Power: The Magical Races

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Several years ago we presented a ground-breaking workshop entitled The Words of Power.  For the first time, humanity was introduced to the secrets of using words of power from the celestial world. When spoken properly, these words have the power to change reality around you.  There are other words from many different races that we never had the chance to teach you.  Dragons have their own special breed of magical words that they use in secret to control their magic. The High Elves have their own words of power that give them immortality and high magic.  The Fairy Races have their own words that they have used in secret since the time of their merging with the angels. The People of the Secret, a hidden and powerful magical race of demigod level humans use their own words of power in order to build huge corporations and institutions.
The Words of Power from The Magical Races will explore the basics of using these special words.  These explanations on the use of these words may not be found anywhere else in the world.  Mankind is held in shadow and confusion when it comes to the magic of the higher races.  For the first time, we will integrate a basic primer on the words of power with the use of the higher words from various magical races.  These words will seem familiar to many of you because in reality, all of you are descended from at least one magical race.  Humanity is only part of your ancestry.  When you learn and apply words from the magical races, you will unlock yet another aspect of your hidden potential.
This book will also give you clues that will help you determine your magical ancestry. Using words from your own magical ancestry opens the door to true power.
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4 Reviews

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    Posted by Carlos Freeman on Jan 26th 2024

    Another skill to add to my repertoire. Owning this tablet is a blessing. One can only acquire tools of this caliber at Tybro. Thank you Masters.

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    We are truly all one

    Posted by Natasha Thompson on May 24th 2022

    I was call unconsciously to this tablet because I had attended the free “ words of power” live seminar with the tybro family I believe in march 2019 so I was working with these consciousness for years. All I can say is wow with my new abilities and friends. All I can say is wow to my reconnections. I did find that one he elves and fairies I seem to share more parallels lives. I pull from these powers easily than the others . I actually had to slow down on the practices because they were coming into my session with clients. It was a portal/bridge I opened. I really enjoy this tool . I enjoy being an ambassador .

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    Review for Words of Power Magical Races

    Posted by Jaya Rani on Mar 14th 2020

    This book contains many effective words that we can use in our daily lives to help ourselves and others. There are other more complex words as well, but I am in the beginning. I noticed that the words are not only highly effective, they are also long lasting. One good example would be the 'Ease Menstrual Bleeding and Pain' word. It is not only highly effective immediately. The effect stays on month after month, so I do not have to use it so often anymore. Another example would be the Fae word to increase the physical power. It worked immediately for me, even though I usually struggle with physical power. I was able to lift higher weights in the gym within a few days. I have found it to be a magical book that has the ability to transform one’s life when used appropriately. Kind Regards, Jaya Rani

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    Magical Contents for a Lifetime

    Posted by Jaya Rani on Dec 15th 2018

    This book introduced me to so many things that I was not aware of. I was always enchanted by the existence of other beings about which we only hear in stories. Getting to know more details about them and also getting words related to them is such a blessing. Also, the words are so easy to use. Thank you for this wonderful gift!!

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