Acceleratus: Accelerating the Development of the Body of Light

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Acceleratus: Accelerating the Development of the Body of Light



There is a great secret that alchemists employed in their work. The Philosopher's Stone, the holy grail of their art, could be created via chemical or solar means. One could labor for years over the fires of the laboratory in order to achieve the white powder, or one could use the secret artistic masterpieces left by the Master Alchemists in order to accelerate the creation of the Stone.


The human body has the ability to grow the Sacred White Powder of Gold.


When one combines looking at certain sacred mystical alchemical art pieces with looking at the musical notation of specific classical music masterpieces, the DNA within the cells begin to create the elixir of life. When you combine listening to the music while scanning the notes, the process is accelerated even more.


Certain mystical liturgies were meant to be read in concert with the scanning of the music and the art.


Acceleratus is our most advanced and comprehensive tablet on maturing and accelerating the body of light.  It contains ancient Chinese Tzantzum Mountain hidden acceleration techniques and ancient Cathari techniques that have been hidden for hundreds of years.


A rare masterpiece.


Dr. Gibson


Price: $2500



*Advanced text orders typically take 1-2 weeks to arrive, as they are ordered on demand.


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    Out of this World!!

    Posted by RJ. Wolf on Sep 19th 2018

    This book is so amazing!! I love all the tablets. They are just so powerful. I love listening to the music and scanning. It just flows in my being. I've seen myself shine brighter and richer since using this power book. My BOL came for a visit. She is/was so beautiful. I know this occurred because of using these practices from the book.If you are sitting on the fence about getting this, then do it. You won't be disappointed! Master has done it again!!

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