Celestial Blue Dragon Eggs

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Celestial Blue Dragon Eggs
We just found a cache of extremely rare celestial blue dragon eggs. Acharya and I will keep a few for ourselves but we have a few to offer. Celestial Blue Dragons are rare and their magical power is legendary.  Celestial Blue Dragons are one of the most intelligent of all dragon species. They are the strongest telepaths and healers of all dragons. They are expert shape-shifters and they possess an extremely high quotient of magical power. They are the resident experts in magical defense, spell-casting, and immortality. Their eggs contain the distilled essence of all their abilities. Simply place the egg in a silk pouch and carry it with you. Each egg will only bond with one user. It will follow you into your dreams and its energy will go where you go. 
We have a very limited quantity available. 
Instructions: Place the egg under your pillow. 
Price: $1000
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3 Reviews

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    Dragon Baby

    Posted by Sphinx Lee on Apr 4th 2023

    I've had my dragon egg many moons now. All I have to say is that..well..something is helping in my dream time. Dragon Baby hasn't made him/or her self known to me by introduction, but when ever I'm about to something stupid usually involving magic or magical beings in dreamtime, A very powerful being shows up and stops the show. I think that might be dragon baby. I wear dragon Baby everyday by my heart and sleep with every night. Regardless of the fact that they stop my madcap adventures, I feel very close to dragon baby. Maybe one day we will meet face to face.

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    Posted by Cathy Riley on Feb 14th 2023

    As always, it is so exciting to get products from Tybro. When I opened the box with my celestial blue dragon egg; I was like WHOA!!! It is so so beautiful. I put under my pillow as suggested and I had the best dream connecting me to my blue dragon. She told me her name, showed me the places I would go in life, and made me feel like I have a new best friend. Thank you Masters for sharing this with me!! I love you both so so much!!!

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    Posted by SS on Jun 13th 2022

    I Am So So So Anticipating the arrival of MY CELESTIAL BLUE DRAGON EGG !!!!! I have been wanting one or 2 or three for a few years. And so Affordable too - Thank You Masters !!! To be continues..............

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