Dragon Egg (Extra-Large)

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Dragon Egg (Extra-Large)


I was headed to a sacred temple I visit every time I go to Thailand. On this journey we came upon a small community that we had to pass through. As we are walking through the village, I noticed a smaller lady with a huge sledge hammer repeated hitting a stone that was egg shaped. As she began to chip away at what looked to be a shell, a small emerald like gem fell from the egg shaped stone.


I stood there in amazement as she repeated the process four times. I interrupted her before she could get the 5th one on the special holder she had. I leaned over and said, "excuse me ma'am what are those?" She replied in a very broken english, "Dragon eggs." She began to explain that under the heat of the mothers' body these rare stones become dragons, real dragons!


After moments of talking with her I learned that if you place these stones in a glass of water you take on dragon energy and consciousness.


Price: $3000


Instructions of use: Place your dragon egg in a glass of water each morning and leave it for at least one hour, following drink the water. You may also place the stone on your spiritual altar when not in use. Do NOT consume the stone. This will help transfer the energy of from the egg to you. 


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