Divine Celestial Dragon Egg - Large (1 Available)

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Divine Celestial Dragon Eggs (Large)


Dragons are almost universally depicted as beings of great power and majesty, to be revered or reviled depending on the culture in question. However, there are dragons in particular that are depicted as servants of the gods or something close to them, if not outright gods themselves. The Jade Emperor works very closely with his dragons. While their exact morality and status can differ, these dragons can range in power from that of a "mere" Physical God, to even that of Powers That Be. The latter depiction is particularly common in the religions of East Asian cultures, which through cultural exchange have often influenced Western portrayals of dragons. Draconic deities often tend to be associated with power.


Divine Celestial Dragons are the most powerful of all the dragon clans. They are made of a bio-crystalline matrix that covers their immortal frames. They live in the highest realms of this domain and seldom come to earth. On rare occasions they choose to lay their eggs here on earth and watch over them from their lofty perches. I have found a source for a few of these very rare and special eggs. Sometimes, a Mother Dragon will allow her eggs to fossilize so that their power may be used by human magi and healers. Their eggs offer great raw magical power, healing energy, divine protection, and the ability to advance the spiritual growth of the owner.


These eggs are larger than our smaller previous lots and are very difficult to acquire. Let us say that magic is required to secure them. These eggs weigh 2-3 pounds and they retain a very other-worldly appearance. Dragon forms and other images may be clearly seen in the eggs. 


We have a very limited number of these extraordinary items. I am still looking for the smaller variety, but these are all that we can offer at this time. No mantras or spells are necessary to use the power of these eggs.


Price: $8000


(No reviews yet) Write a Review