The Prometheus Tablet

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The Prometheus Tablet



Humans tend to forget they are animals. As Homo sapiens, we are — along with chimps and gorillas — members of the hominid family, a branch of the animal kingdom.

It makes sense, then, that advances in the regrowth of animal limbs are spurring talk of limb regeneration in humans. That’s right. An adult frog growing new legs could improve the chances of successful human regeneration.

Several regeneration studies with frogs, worms and other animals have some scientists believing they’re in the early stages of creating a DNA roadmap that could give human amputees real hope of again having a limb that’s not prosthetic or computerized but naturally grown.

Humans already regenerate some organs, including skin when cuts aren’t deep and fingertips if the cells remain intact. Gardiner studies regeneration in salamanders. He believes limb regeneration is possible in humans, but it depends on cells being in the right place to build the right structures in the right order.

The science, art, and magic of human regeneration has grown by leaps and bounds over the last ten years. Only a handful of scientists and adepts know the full extent of the secrets that have been uncovered. Prometheus, the god of regeneration, brought fire to mankind as a blessing. We have been blessed once again with tremendous leaps forward in our search for longer healthier lives. You will not find these leaps on the local news, television, or in the press. They are hidden for a reason, until now. The Prometheus Tablet will give you information and secrets about the regeneration capacity of your own body that you never knew you had. This one of a kind gem is an amalgamation of my magical, scientific, and alchemical research on the secrets of real immortality. 


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2 Reviews

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    Rejuvenates relatives as well.

    Posted by Jaya Rani on Jan 11th 2021

    I am writing another review because of a very important point that is worth mentioning. I am the only person in my family doing these rejuvenation practices. But after I started doing these practices, one of my close relatives reported that they are doing better and continued to stay that way. Just one person doing these practices can have healing and rejuvenation effect on the whole family. I wonder what will happen if the whole family does these practices. Thank you Master for this miraculous gift!!!

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    The rejuvenation is permanent

    Posted by Jaya Rani on Jan 9th 2021

    I have now used the techniques in this tablet for many months now for rejuvenation. I first was using all of them and then due to shortage of time, I am using a couple of them on a regular basis. The most amazing thing I found about these is that it repairs an rejuvenates areas which I do not even know need rejuvenation and only once it has happened, I realize that I have changed so much. And after using it for several months now, I can testify that the effects are permanent and I don't have to keep repeating the practices that often now. Something deep inside changes. I have used many tools by Master Gibson and found many of them have worked for me miraculously. And this one has transformed me beyond my imagination. I am not longer the same person. I am so happy that this is in book form and can be used easily. Thank You Master!!!

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