The Golden Tablet

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As the soul evolves, it changes, grows, and becomes more complex.  The Golden Tablet is the first tablet that is designed to help accelerate the growth and evolution of the soul gem itself.  Each page is separately programmed to evolve a specific section of the soul.  As the soul evolves, it has the capacity to more easily build vessels to carry consciousness, a body of immortal light, energies that propel the force of enlightenment into the body, and much more. 


The Soul Facet Tablets - There are 617 soul facets in a healthy human soul. They are divided into six groups of 100 facets each according to function. There are also 17 Divine Soul Facets that code for the energy of God within the soul. These tablets help to increase the size, weight, and power of the soul. 


The Actus Tablets - The Actus portion of the soul stores all of the events and information that pertain to the life of the soul. The Actus Tablets give us access to the Actus region of the soul and allows us an easier path to enlightenment. 


The Prima Tablets - The Prima portion of the soul stores all of the energy and power necessary for the manifestation of life and immortality within the soul and the bodies that it creates. The Prima tablets help to alleviate the dependence of the body on the energy of physical reality for sustenance. These tablets also help the body and soul become healthier. 


The Nomen Tablets - The Nomen Tablets awaken the Names of God within an individual. Each name has a special power over creation and as such is a very powerful gift. As you look at these tablets, keep your mind clear and your soul will do the work of awakening the Nomen within your being. You will be tested in the deepest levels of your unconscious mind as you awaken the Nomen. 


The Spiritual Name Tablets - The Spiritual Name is the name of the individual soul. At the time of its creation, the soul is given a name. This name is the true name of the individual and does not change from lifetime to lifetime. When the Creator interfaces with an individual, it is this name that he uses. When the true Spiritual Name of an individual is spoken aloud by another, those two beings are bound to a cycle of birth and rebirth. These tablets awaken the power of the Spiritual Name within the soul.


The Sephirotic Tablets - The Sephiroth is the portion of the soul that contains our brightest divine power. The angelic, celestial, and divine aspects of who we are stores within this area of the soul. The Sephirotic Tablets help to develop and bring this energy to the surface. Without these tablets, the energy of the Sephiroth is extremely difficult to access.


The Dark Facet Tablets - The Dark Facets of the soul contain our darkest and most malevolent energies. These facets create the work for each lifetime that it is the essence of suffering. We cannot totally destroy these dark facets, but we can transmute much of their dark fire into True Light. The Dark Facet Tablets help us to transmute and transform our darkest energy into the brightest True Light.


The Lower Soul Tablets - The Lower Soul resides in the astral world. It is home to the dark facets. In most people, it is the part of us that drives evil, lust, rage, anger, depression, and other deep negative emotional and mental experiences into life. The Lower Soul can take form as a demon, elemental, troll, animal, deformed human, or any number of life forms. The ultimate goal for each of us involves evolving the lower soul into the highest entity that we can create. The Lower Soul Tablets help with this process. 


Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson



Price: $3,000.00


*Advanced text orders typically take 3-4 weeks to arrive, as they are ordered on demand.




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    Beyond my expectations

    Posted by Noah Phillips Jr on Oct 11th 2017

    I wanted to learn more about the 617 facets of the soul. What I got was a dose of self responsibility that exceeded anything I had previously imagined

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