Dark Orders: The Battle for Your Mind

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The Dark Orders: The Battle For Your Mind


There are two main types of Spiritual Orders in the world. There are Orders devoted to the light work with the Angels and Gods of Light in order to help mankind grow and evolve. There are Orders devoted to darkness and work with the Gods of Darkness and Demons for their own ends and goals. They seek to control the minds of the masses, the monetary systems, and the temporal forces of the world.

The Dark Orders Tablet is designed to teach you about these groups and how to fully defend yourself against them. We release this text at this time because these groups are preparing to make a major move against humanity over the next two years. They plan to begin a depopulation process that is largely fueled by Dark energy fueled by the mass unconscious energy of humanity.  They plan to use our minds against us.

The energy of the mind is a highly sought after fuel source.  The battle for this energy rages in ways that most people do not understand. This tablet fully outlines the details of the battle for your mind and how you can defend ‘the different levels of your consciousness energy from plunder.  Doing nothing leaves you wide open.

We will discuss the names of the Dark Orders, their origins, goals, and modes of operation.  The Dark Orders tend to be better organized, better funded, and have a much more rigid hierarchy than the Orders of the Light. Understanding their workings and details of organization can help you see who is really controlling your life.

Fully defending yourself against these Orders is crucial to the survival of this world.  If we do nothing, hundreds of millions of people are destined to perish in the coming years. We will offer 33 of these books to those souls who are ready to evolve in ways that have never been possible before without this text.


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  • 5
    Life Changing

    Posted by Carlos Freeman on Nov 25th 2020

    Jaw Dropping. Must Have!

  • 5
    Great Knowledge and Protection

    Posted by Jaya Rani on Jan 29th 2020

    Very insight into the reality of this world and also how to protect ourselves. Isn't this wonderful!!!

  • 5
    Mind Blowing!

    Posted by V. Hodge on Aug 12th 2019

    The information contained in this tablet is priceless and absolutely mind boggling. The description of it raising one's consciousness is an understatement! Thank you to the Gods/Goddess of Light for allowing this information to be brought into this domain. Thank you Masters for the effort and energy you both put forth to assist and guide us to higher states of consciousness.