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The human mind is the transmitter of consciousness. As such, human consciousness functions much like a band of stations one might find on a radio set. Some of the stations are easily identifiable, easily detectable with the tuning dial. The most commonly used and loudest channels would be analogous to the function of the conscious mind. We are generally accustomed to listening to and communicating with a set number of channels of perception that we call “awareness”. 


The Conscious Mind Cleansing and enhancement recording is designed to gradually dissolve and eliminate negative and destructive mental and emotional energies that are stored within the mind. To accomplish this task, this recording employs a special series of powerful and penetrating tones and computer generated sounds that bore into the neurons and nerve pathways. Once there, the tones are programmed to detect and dissolve harmful patterns of energy.


Ideally, you will want to listen to this recording while lying down and wearing headphones. In the recording, you will be guided on how to fully relax your body before hearing the tones that are designed to release your from the energies that damper us. These energies are picked up from people and environments that we traverse in our daily lives.


Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson


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    Spiritual Science

    Posted by Denis Olivares on Dec 22nd 2021

    Dr. Mitchell Gibson is a modern day Imhotep. A master of masters and light year's ahead of modern science. This cleansing is one of a kind it delivers as advertised. About the second time I did it I had some assistance from the mushroom kingdom let's just say. It felt I went through carwash for the mind. The next day I felt an inner peace that I have never felt before in my life. The love pours through Master Mitchells as he guides you through the relaxation process. I recommend everybody should have this product its very affordable. Thank you for this amazing work.

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    One of The Greatest Spiritual Tools Ever!

    Posted by David castro-solomon on Sep 12th 2021

    I have invested in many tools from Tybro over a few years now some at different levels of power and costs. Hover there is one I continually go to as the foundation. THE CONCIOUS MIND CLEANSE. truly this must have been divinely inspired. There is none that has been more powerful in evolving and preparing by being to efficiently use greater tools of power than this. This audio is gift and one that would be great asset in a persons spiritual arsenal. The glowing reviews surrounding this tool is well deserved and one that is Master Gibson's early greats. Thank You Master.

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    Ok this is the REAL DEAL

    Posted by Hamilcar Crosby on Apr 2nd 2021

    All I can say is this really works, I’ve been studying this site for a while figuring what I was going to purchase first. I even found Dr Mitchell Gibson’s YouTube channel and watched some videos. I am devoted in my spiritual development, I’ve had many experiences and adventures in my life and I knew that it was more I needed to work on so I purchased the Conscious Mind Cleansing audio. I knew after the first listen that I was lead here to receive the missing pieces I’ve been looking for to activate on a higher level. I felt an inner peace that was deeper than what I was already experiencing though my own spiritual work. I had the biggest smile on my face after listening which I rarely do because most products don’t impress me on the first try like This TYBRO product did. I am very grateful to myself for listening to my intuition as well as Dr Gibson for being someone with true integrity that creates truly high end products that’s affordable yet gives so much more in return. I’ve already bought 4 products within 3 days.

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    Posted by Jennie on Feb 16th 2021

    I listened to this audio for the first time this morning when I woke up. I was already quite relaxed and actually felt like going back to sleep. However, I found this audio to have a very interesting effect on me. I listened to the audio on a speaker instead of on headphones (as recommended) but the effects were still felt. I was also wearing my First and AOS Medallions. I experienced quite a few physical sensations as I was listening to this audio. I felt little tingles in my head and at one point and I felt a gigantic wave of energy lift from my chest. I was half asleep and dreaming or in a meditative state when this energy lifted from my chest and startled me. When the audio ended I opened my eyes and I looked over to find two of my cats staring at me with the most priceless expressions on their faces. They were looking at me with wide eyes as if to ask "What was that?"! lol They looked like they were affected by the audio and they obviously liked it because they were right there next to me and didn't leave the room. I ended up doing a chakra meditation with the soul cleansing audio right after this followed by the Jade invocation. It was a very powerful morning. Later today I took a walk and felt better than ever. Perhaps lighter than usual? I even decided to swing on a swing in the back of my building. I will definitely continue listening to this audio as often as possible. I think I'm addicted to Tybro! I can't get enough! :)

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    Posted by James H Carpenter Barnes on Feb 15th 2021

    I had a powerful experience using the Conscious Mind Cleanse. I had a period in my life where I was sexually involved with a lot of different women. I have since that time gotten married and ceased that behavior, severed those soul ties, and for about 7 years now I have not engaged in that behavior. I purchased the conscious Mind Cleanse primarily because it seemed like something good to have, I had really had just recently discovered Dr. Gibson's work in early January of 2021. My wife and I have been envisioning for several things we have desired. I one day prayed and asked the creator, "Lord God, are all these products for real, do they really work"? Little did I know that my wife had also prayed the same prayer. We both are from a traditional Christian background but have embraced the teachings of Dr. Mitchell because he has such a beautiful spirit of love and wisdom, and much of what he teaches I have found scripture for. The other night while trying to envision my dreams fulfilled right before sleep as I always do, thoughts and images from my past came flooding back. Seemed as if every illicit relationship I had ever been in came flooding in and dominating my thoughts. This happened for two consecutive nights. Early on the morning following the second night of this, I was led to listen to the Conscious Mind Cleanse. The illicit thoughts were immediately displaced with clarity and a feeling of liberation. I was then told by Holy Spirit that it was this type of behavior which inhibited my success in previous business endeavors. I of course shared this with my wife Wendy. That is when I found out that she too had prayed the same prayer for guidance. We had already purchased several invocations, webinars, and medallions from TYBRO, in faith. I was called to be a prophet and teacher in 1993. I had become disenchanted with the “church world” in 1995. I asked the creator one late December night standing outside in the cold to “show me more... there must be more, show me”. That is when I came across a video of Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson. Thank you so much for your dedication to enlighten those of us previously limited by religious tradition and in bondage to partial truth. Our creator is enormous and his ways ingenious.

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    Conscious Mind Cleansing

    Posted by Leigh Ann Phillips on Dec 8th 2020

    This audio download is gold. It has helped dozens of my students, family members, friends, and people I have known for a short time. I am so so grateful for this audio download. It is absolutely incredible. It has saved lives, that I know. Thank you Masters for this incredible product!

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    Posted by kylie jones on Oct 13th 2019

    I purchased this yesterday , came home not feeling my best. I try to always fall asleep listening to the miracle prayer so I played it on my phone to try and sleep. I remembered that I order this and used a different phone and Bluetooth to play the conscious mind Cleansing. I fell asleep and dreamt I was surrounded by millions of tiny energy balls (easiest way to explain it) that were shocking and tingly that were vibrating off of me while I slept. Fast forward 4 hrs later I’m awake feeling 60% better I stay up a few hrs and decided to listen to this again while I’m awake so I can complete the whole exercise. I’m following the exercise step by step fell asleep right before the aura part only to be jolted out of my sleep as I’m being lifted and feeling lighter my pain is slowly subsided. The warmth and jolts of energy that are felt is indescribable but very well felt. I will be doing this as part of my daily routine. I highly recommend this purchase you will not be disappointed. Thanks Dr. Mitchell for your time and energy you put into this audio

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    Extremely Helpful

    Posted by Leigh Ann Phillips on Oct 7th 2018

    I have recommended this audio recording to hundreds of clients. It has been a god send, and I use it myself a few times a week just for mainentance. Thank you for developing a product that actually helps let go of memories that have been forgotten.

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    Stellar Product

    Posted by Linda Brunson-Smith on May 9th 2018

    This was one of my first products purchased. I must say that it is definitely outstanding at its best. Thank you Master and Acharya for bringing these spiritual tools to the masses and being on the leading edge of conscious thought acceleration.