Magical Qabbalistic Plant Formulas - E-Book

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Magical Qabbalistic Plant Formulas - E-Book

Magical Qabbalistic Plant Formulas are the next level in increasing the power of herbs and incense without harming the plants. We have included 22 of these formulas to help in the areas of protection, health, luck, increased psychic abilities and more. You can print each of these formulas out on paper and place in a pouch to carry around with you, place on your altar or under your pillow. The power is already encoded in the formula. All you have to do is print and carry. May these formulas bring you success and harmony in your life.
Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson
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2 Reviews

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    Magical Qabbalistic Plant Formulas

    Posted by COLETTE THOMAS on Dec 31st 2022

    What can I said about the Book it is not what I EXPECT .

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    Posted by WM on Feb 1st 2021

    These powerful formulas offer a unique way to apply the use of herbs and incenses. I used the healing pepper formula and I now find that just touching the bottle containing the pepper sauce actives the energy within my body and sends it traveling throughout my entire body. After using one of the formula incense and then lighting the incense sometime unexpected happened. I decided out of the blue to put on my healing Feldrakan bracelet and the moment it was on my wrist I knew something was different. The force of the energy traveling up my arm went from 2 to 22 in seconds and then he was present in the room.... hmmmmmm . Thank you for these unique tools of powerful!

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