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Digital subconscious speech language is a computer-generated series of tones, suggestions, and digital sounds that are designed to place specific suggestions directly into the human subconscious mind. This exciting new technology takes advantage of the storage potential of DNA and allows for rapid changes in behavior and the emotions. Our new recordings take advantage of this technology and uses it to create a tool that can help anyone achieve their mental and emotional goals with greater ease than ever before. The four main working components of our beautiful one of a kind recordings are:

 Post hypnotic suggestions

 Digitally created gamma frequency tones

 Digital subconscious speed language

 Alpha-theta wave enhancing music.

All of these unique technologies are blended into a seamless mixture of sound and technology that you must hear to believe. In our one of our newest product; Lose Weight Easily, the power of your subconscious mind that can help you lose weight easily is gradually released. The healing power stored within the mind is awesome. It has healed every problem that has been presented to it at some level of reality. 


(1 review) Write a Review

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    Unbelievable Results!

    Posted by Sharron Denice on Mar 4th 2017

    I have only had this audio a week, I bought it on 2/26/17 and I have lost a total of 10lbs!!! Its completely unbelievable because I didn't add in exercise nor take diet supplements and I lost 10lbs in one week. I usually get these results from fasting!

    While listening to the audio, I am noticing that its so extremely calming. I suffered from anxiety and have used food to calm my nerves all my life, now I have a new way. I haven't cut out carbs or done anything drastic, I simply eat when Im hungry and afterwards I have no use to gorge myself with food. The desire is gone and Im so thankful.

    Listening to the audio is changing me completely and not just with weight loss. Im more consciously eating now and also, I've decided I no longer want to curse and live a much more joyous life. I have no idea how this audio works but I am thankful to you Master and Archarya for sharing it with the world.

    Thank you for helping me change my life! Peace and Many Lifetimes of Blessings to you both. <3