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As we mature spiritually, we learn about Solar techniques and practices that have the capacity to draw energy from the Solar Body of Light that nourish the Primordium.  As the Primordium grows, it nourishes and transforms the physical body.  During this transformation period, a special kind of primordial cell appears within the body that gradually overtakes the body.  In much the same way that imaginal cells form within the caterpillar’s cocoon, these primordial cells appears out of nowhere and gradually take over the human body. 

The physical body will initially fight the presence of these cells and attempt to destroy them.  However, over time, these cells will continue to appear in greater and greater numbers.  During this part of the process, these cells must be protected. These primordial cells ultimately multiply and fuse with the cells of the Primordium.  The Primordium then expands and grows.  As it grows, the Primordim pushes the host to draw energy from the Solar Body.  This process continues until the primordial cells overtake the physical body and replace it entirely.  The resultant form is an Immortal Body of Light.  This process requires varying amounts of time depending upon the individual.

The Imaginal Cell Meditation allows the user to learn how to nurture and facilitate the growth of these important cells within the body.  We all have them, but we ignore them.  Under the influence of positive energy, direction, and focus, these cells help us to evolve and grow.  If we ignore them, they will fall under the influence of negative forces and become the root of disease, suffering, and negative events.

In this exercise to awaken the imaginal cells growing within you, meditate on your body as a source of tremendous energy, seeing it as a great shining star giving light and life to all that surrounds it. The key is to utilize whatever imagery helps you realize your body as an abode of immeasurable energy and resilience, a palace of lights. It is especially powerful to perform this practice out in nature, at sunrise, or sunset. 

Use this recording daily as part of your spiritual practice. 


Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson


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5 Reviews

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    Body of light Initiated

    Posted by Joshua Smith on Jun 17th 2022

    The imaginal cell audio is an excellent mediation tool. It has tremendous, encoded power and can be used in a few ways that are not apparent at first glance. The imaginal cell audio is one of the tools required for the Body of Light practice outlined in Master Gibson’s Body of Light webinar. The imaginal cell audio helps you awaken the immortal cells in your body that will eventually allow one to turn their bodies into an immortal form. It's a beautiful process. Takes time and dedication but, Master Gibson and Tybro really make things beyond easy for us. You can listen to the audio follow along aloud or quietly to yourself. I like to use it outside whenever I can. It’s about 30 minutes long so make sure you are in a place you will not be disturbed. I love the nature sounds encoded in the audio and the visualization exercises your instructed to do in the meditation. You will feel at peace and energized after. Sometimes I have fallen asleep. The imaginal cell is an immensely powerful primordial force and is the basis of all things that are created. I highly recommended this audio for anyone working on their body of light transformation. I also recommended watching the Body of light webinar presented by Master Gibson for a full two hour teaching on the imaginal cell, what it is, how it works, how its developed, and the role it plays in one transforming themselves into a body of light. This is a gift.

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    Imaginal cell audio

    Posted by Zonda on Oct 27th 2021

    The audio was powerful and I can feel a change occurring within me. I used the audio with the unborn one as recommended. I truly feel like a blockage has been removed. My prayers, consciousness, and dreams are sharper and distinctive.

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    Imaginal Cell Audio

    Posted by Robin on Dec 6th 2020

    The Imaginal Cell guided meditation is so peaceful, soothing and inducing of a restful state that I at first struggled to stay in a waking state. Moving the meditation to the morning after waking instead of the night before bed helps when trying to complete multiple sessions of the Imaginal Cell. This meditation expanded my visualization/ imaginations. Its unfortunate that I have been relying on TV and movies to explore great visual effects and only now am I open to exploring my own visual cinematics. I must continue to replay this meditation and continue to grow my connection to my higher inner worlds. Its amazing how imaginings can produce such profound, actual realities. Thank you Master, Acharya & Tybro Fam

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    A Great Meditation

    Posted by Kelvon Bacote on May 18th 2017

    This is the most powerful and amazing guided meditation I have ever done. I can not even beginning to put this experience into words. It is well worth exploring on your own.

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    Grow You Body of Light

    Posted by Michael Phoenix on Apr 24th 2017

    The single most powerful guided meditation I've come across. The immersion into a higher level energy into the physical body is distinct when engaging this audio. Always leave with significant joy after this one. Always!

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