Removing Attaching Spirits: The Master Edition

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Removing Attaching Spirits

The Master Edition

Attaching Spirits are the cause of more than 80% of all the mental, emotional, and physical suffering found in this world. Since we cannot see them, we take them for granted. Unfortunately, this profound spiritual ignorance allows this situation to become worse year after year. Many years ago we conducted seminars on the art of removing attaching spirits from the body. That work was a watershed in providing the public with one of as kind techniques in removing unwanted spirits from the body, homes, lands, and offices.  Since that time, we have created a number of tools that help to further this art. Over the past ten years, we have advanced the art of removing entities by leaps and bounds.  We have only been able to share a small part of our growth as we have not done a seminar in this area for years. 
This new work will fill in the gaps for removing hard to address spiritual attachments.  The Master Edition will examine the deeper nature of the process of attachment and the karmic laws that allow the process to take place. We will also release a plethora of new techniques that will allow the user to remove those hard to address djinn, elementals, demons, animals, human ghosts, relatives, and distant ancestors who feed on all of us.  This is the first text that we have ever released on the subject of attaching spirits and it is sure to be a classic.  
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3 Reviews

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    Need to buy more prints of this book.

    Posted by Inanna E. on Oct 7th 2023

    This book is a journey. It is adequate for the Shaman. Most important it has allowed me to understand more clearly the patterns in consciousness manifesting in the hidden mind. The subconscious evil that exists among relationships and ‘religions.’ What people may be seeking in the malevolent rituals that they perform or are receptive to. It’s helped me to feel less guilty about finding knowledge and any ‘power’ differential that is a result. Many people won’t believe you, but at least you are capable of living without conflict or confusion.

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    Posted by Carlos Freeman on Jun 18th 2022

    Every Tybro tablet is special in that the recipient receives the benefits the product is marketed to provide as well as unannounced gifts. This tablet is no different, another piece of the puzzle to our existence has been added to the board. We have learned new information on the operation of the spirit world, new entities, intelligent ways of interacting with some of them for our benefit, and of course techniques for removing stubborn entities that follow us across lifetimes. We learned that attaching spirits can attach to entire families and cause destruction financially and emotionally. Some spirits can take human form and have relationships with humans and procreate leading to “interesting” offspring; they can also break up relationships. One of these spirits scares demons, hmm.... what scares demons? Additionally, there is a good piece of history that magicians would find interesting. Lastly, we were gifted with tools that can remove ALL attaching spirits with very little effort. This is a must have tablet for healers and non-healers alike. We all have some of these spirits that enjoy our company. We are happy to part ways with our parasitical attaching spirits and move closer towards freedom. Thank you, Masters.

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    Full of information not found anywhere

    Posted by Doreatha on Jul 28th 2021

    This book and Doxagrad are must haves for any healers working with clients. This has information that I haven't come across anywhere and I'm only 1/3 of the way through. There is a sutra in there that reads like a story and man is it powerful and only needs to be read one time for a lifetime of protection. It honestly felt like the sutra does other things too because of the power I felt. Although it can be a little scary reading about these entities, I'd rather be aware and know how to protect myself against them. I haven't heard Master talk about many of these entities before. It's a wonderful adjunct to DADA and Doxagrad. The information in this book is priceless. Thanks again Master!

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