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Attaching Spirits are the cause of more than 80% of all the mental, emotional, and physical suffering found in this world. Since we cannot see them, we take them for granted. Unfortunately, this profound spiritual ignorance allows this situation to become worse year after year.

After years of research, I believe I have found at least a temporary way to address the problem. During my travels in my astral form, I met a man who had invented a device that utilized sound to remove attaching spirits. After a series of conversations with this man, who is not currently incarnate, I learned that discarnate attaching spirits are sensitive to certain high frequency sound waves. In particular, sound frequencies in the 10,000 hz range were particularly effective in causing them to flee an area. Exposures to this pure tone for at least 30 minutes was sufficient to remove even the most ardent ghost from a person, place, or thing.

The difficulty inherent in the process was that on earth, we almost never hear pure tones. Producing a pure tone in the range necessary to remove the entities would prove to be a daunting task. Ultimately, I was able to find a way to accurately produce the tone. In all the testing up to this point, the tone works just as well in this world as it did in his. When played at high volume in an open space, the attaching spirits in the area of the blast will depart within 20-30 minutes. Most will depart within minutes but the most stubborn will fight the broadcast.

Unfortunately, they will return over time if the blast is not repeated within 24-48 hours. I would recommend playing it at least once a day in order to clear yourself or a particular space.The tone is very high pitched and not at all suitable for a pleasant meditation. But then, that is not its purpose. Be careful not to damage your ears with the tone by playing it at too high a volume, especially while listening with headphones.


Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson


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9 Reviews

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    Very Powerful

    Posted by Viki on Apr 25th 2024

    This is indeed an amazing audio to have playing in your home. I play it when the family is all at home in the background and you wouldn't even realize it's playing. I can tell you that you do feel the energy clearing and sense of calmness happens. Also in the car, I take every opportunity to use. Grateful.

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    Great Product

    Posted by Valerie Taylor on Mar 23rd 2021

    I am very pleased with this product. I use it at work and home.

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    Spiritual Attachment Removal download

    Posted by jason m on Oct 7th 2020

    Immediately feel the clearing action even moreso listening with headphones or even placed on areas of the body. Sleep much deeper and and awake feeling lighter each time. Chi energy feels more toned and vibrant! Stubborn and Stagnant energies dissipate with each use. Thank you for these wonderful healing tools. Certainly improved my quality of life over the years! Peace and Blessings, Jason M.

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    9 years & I still trust the Spirit Attachment Removal

    Posted by Ebony Boyd on Aug 4th 2020

    I play the Spirit Attachment Removal anytime during the day & almost ALWAYS onernight. We feel immediate results. Peace & Thank You All At Tybro.

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    Its real

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 24th 2019

    I saw the spirit that was attached to me in my bedroom after playing this audio. Make sure you have a protection tool for back up once the spirit comes off so it doesnt jump back on. Thank you masters for this amazing gift to humanity

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    A game changer

    Posted by Sharther Chatman on Nov 7th 2019

    I purchased this download after seeing evidence of a spirit attachment. I noticed a difference immediately and after a few days my energy lightened so much people began to comment on the fact that I looked more "alive". More approachable. Thank You Master Gibson for yet another profound tool.

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    I Felt the Energy Shift Immediately

    Posted by Kelvon Bacote on Jun 30th 2017

    This is a must have. My home feels amazing. I play this recording daily on my speaker system so it is heard through out the entire house. Please add this audio to your collection.

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    I Felt the Energy Shift Immediately

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 30th 2017

    This is must have. I play this daily and my home feels great. I play it on my speaker system so it can be heard throughout the house. Please add this audio to your collection.

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    Amazing Immediate Results

    Posted by Kamala on Jun 24th 2017

    As a healthcare provider, absorbing energy from others is a reality, when you deal with those who live with pain. This product has helped me immensely! Any time that it is necessary to shed energy that I have inadvertently absorbed during a session, I play this recording. I really don't leave home without it and I encourage everyone to try it. Often you don't even realize that you are carrying energy that doesn't belong to you. You can get absorb it just being out in public. It is an important part of energetic hygiene. Thank you Master Gibson for creating such an important tool!

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