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The 24th Book of Thoth - The Petrus Lunar Fire - Altus - E-Book

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The 24th Book of Thoth
The Petrus Lunar Fire- Altus
In the year 1648 a great physician Adept wrote a treatise on the divine nature of the fire that fuels higher consciousness.  He recognized that thought flowed through the brain like a current of energy.  He also recognized that the current was composed of four separate types of elemental energy, fire, air, water, earth.  He called them pherus, altus, aquus, and petrus.  Each type of flame created different types of higher consciousness.  The human mind does not process higher consciousness in the way that it does lower thoughts.  Higher consciousness is received in packet of elementally based energy that are processed over time.  These packets are linked to the cycles of the moon and are processed over thirty-day intervals.
Each interval allows the lower mind to communicate with the higher mind in such a way that it is not overwhelmed.  The key to unlocking each of these elemental flames lies in a series of verses that he called The Lunar Fire.  The Lunar Fire contains the necessary numerical and lyrical energy necessary for the lower mind to decode the higher flames of consciousness.  This work was swiftly banned by the Church as heretical and its author was forced to stop the practice of medicine. The Church taught that all knowledge and thought came directly from God.  Any processing or input from man was taught to be heretical in nature.
The Lunar Fire was written in four volumes, each of which contained one of the great fires.  The work was circulated underground by several great Orders.  The work contains the secret of higher consciousness that has been lost to mankind.  Each elemental fire connects us with a crucial aspect of our divinity.  We are meant to scan and digest this energy on the day of the full moon. The unconscious will continue the process over the course of the lunar month on its own, but we must reignite the fire once each month. 
We present the altus(air) portion of the lunar ignitions in this work.  Scan  and read the work once.  You will find that your unconscious will begin to work on your lower thoughts all on its own.  You may scan this work once. There is a code that you may recognize in this work. Your mind will know the code and unlock it for you.
In later works, we will provide the aquus, and pherus fire codes.
This energy will change your dreams, meditations, and strength of will.  Take your time and scan the codes.  They are designed to assist you in interpreting your higher thoughts.  You will truly enjoy this part of your growth. The decoding codes will help your mind understand the work more easily.
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    Full moon review of the book

    Posted by Samuel on Mar 20th 2019

    I like the text and pictures. The first book was more indepth but this is shorter. Today was my first full moon read.

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