The Book of Leaves

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The Book of Leaves


In the fictionalized account of Leonardo Da Vinci’s life that was shown on television, he spent many years looking for a powerful text called The Book of Leaves. The book contained the secrets of the universe and was held by a powerful Order called the Sons of Mithras. The book as mentioned in the television series was totally fictional, as was the Sons of Mithras.  However, the true Book of Leaves was written by Djanth-Thoth, and is controlled by The Order of The Red Dragon.
 The True Book of Leaves contains the mysteries of all the galaxies of the universe.  It explains the secrets of alchemy, immortality, enlightenment, healing, and divine power.  The book works exclusively with the unconscious mind and as such contains no instructions, no English, and no guides that the conscious mind can cling to that might interrupt the process.
On television, The Book of Leaves is an enigmatic and mysterious tome, that Leonardo and many key characters thinks might change the known history albeit in different perspectives and for which he and his friends set on a challenging journey and face many dangers. The Book is supposedly hidden in the Vault of Heaven on a foreign continent unknown to the Old World - the New World (American continent).
The Book's origin is speculated by many parties in the series. Al-Rahim, a prominent member of the Sons of Mithras provided an esoteric origin of the Book where it is the collection of cognitive memory of ancient knowledge passed down from one generation to another that aims to revitalize again mankind after the Fall. On the other hand, Pope Sixtus believed that the Book may have Enochian origins as he proposed that it was written by the Nephilim, the offspring of angels and men.
A page of the Book made it first appearance in the bowels of Castel Sant’Angelo, where the pope keeps his Secret Archive. The page is written in an alien language that Leonardo has never seen, but with the wave of the pope’s hand, the writing magically switches to Hebrew, then to astrological symbols, and even to strange hexagonal patterns. This is the only place where you can find the Nephilim Version of the book. The symbols are enigmatic and powerful.  They point to a different order of reality and consciousness from our ancient ancestors.
 The Order of the Red Dragon has commissioned me to create a volume of The Book of Leave on earth. The Book of Leaves will download the energy of enlightenment, consciousness expansion, and divine power into the user. It is designed to be scanned and not read. There will be no English passages except for the introduction.
As you explore the book of leaves, you will not be able to rely upon your conscious mind to guide you.  This is done on purpose.  The conscious mind is a cruel master and intentionally slows down the progress of our spiritual growth.  The Book of Leaves is organized in such a way that your conscious mind is taken out of the equation.  You will not know what each section does.
You will not know when you are working on enlightenment, immortality, divine power, alchemy, or any of the sections of the text.  Your unconscious mind will guide you in using the text.  You may start anywhere in the book and look at each page for as long as you like. Some of the pages will repeat. This is intentional.
Know that whatever section you employ, you will grow and evolve with its use. After this section, there will be no further guidance or instruction. Relax. Allow your mind to experience something new.  Trust in the process of your evolution and growth to guide you.
Djanthi-Thoth, also known as, Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson
Price: $1500
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3 Reviews

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    One of my Favorites!

    Posted by Rosemary Wolf on Jun 14th 2022

    This is an amazing book/tablet. I love the fact that there are no words, invocations, postures, mantras for this book. It is the unconscious mind that does the work not our conscious mind. This frees us not to worry if we are doing it right. When I first got the book, I broke it down into twelve sections. I would do each section for ten minutes a day for one month. Then I would move to the next section and repeat this until the one year was up. This was my way of working with each tablet within the book. I like this so much that I continued for another year and part of the next after that. There was so much energy swirling around the tablets. At times I could see color changes within the tablets and other tools I’ve worked. I became more confident in things I wanted to achieve. I experienced more clarity of mind and felt more joy in my heart. I know this book is suppose to help with energy of enlightenment, consciousness expansion, and divine power. I didn’t know when working with the tablets what was doing what and that was okay with me. I just wanted to enjoy the process. I do believe over time it did have an affect into those areas. They may have not be apparent at the time of doing the scanning or even that year. However, I do believe over these past years even though not currently scanning this book that it is still working in those areas. I seen many things that I can’t explain for myself and others. I would highly recommend this book to those that are ready to have a more advanced spiritual tool to grow and evolve. Thank you Masters!!

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    Book of Leaves

    Posted by Eric Atkins on Mar 9th 2021

    What can I say another awesome book! I've really experienced an awakening of my creativity and experience expansion in consciousness. Tremendous growth has taken place since scanning these tablets. Thanks Tybro.

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    Tapping in so the unknown is known

    Posted by on May 12th 2017

    My words truly cannot write what I've experience from the book of leaves. You would have to experience it for yourself for it's more of an advancement of an individual on a soul level. It's a book you will alway look through, for you will be guided. For me it moved me up levels and consciousness beyond 5 life times. I was guided to this book by the name it's self " book of leaves". Thank u for sharing.

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