The Book of Leaves

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The Book of Leaves


In the fictionalized account of Leonardo Da Vinci’s life that was shown on television, he spent many years looking for a powerful text called The Book of Leaves. The book contained the secrets of the universe and was held by a powerful Order called the Sons of Mithras. The book as mentioned in the television series was totally fictional, as was the Sons of Mithras.  However, the true Book of Leaves was written by Djanth-Thoth, and is controlled by The Order of The Red Dragon.


The True Book of Leaves contains the mysteries of all the galaxies of the universe.  It explains the secrets of alchemy, immortality, enlightenment, healing, and divine power.  The book works exclusively with the unconscious mind and as such contains no instructions, no English, and no guides that the conscious mind can cling to that might interrupt the process.


The Order of the Red Dragon has commissioned me to create a volume of The Book of Leave on earth.  This will be a 100 page text, designed exactly like volume one of the True Book of Leaves.  We have been allowed to release 30 copies at this time, with more coming in the future.  Volume One of The Book of Leaves will download the energy of enlightenment, consciousness expansion, and divine power into the user. It is designed to be scanned and not read. There will be no English passages except for the introduction. 


Dr. Gibson


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    Tapping in so the unknown is known

    Posted by on May 12th 2017

    My words truly cannot write what I've experience from the book of leaves. You would have to experience it for yourself for it's more of an advancement of an individual on a soul level. It's a book you will alway look through, for you will be guided. For me it moved me up levels and consciousness beyond 5 life times. I was guided to this book by the name it's self " book of leaves". Thank u for sharing.