The Magical Amplification Chant - Audio Download

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The Magical Amplification Chant - Audio Download  


Dragon calls are specifically a way for any human to call upon the power of the Dragons. I believe that we all have Dragons who watch over us and follow us. Most of the time these Dragons stay hidden until such time that a human can evolve and recognize their full potential. As such, most humans are sleeping and the Dragons sleep with them waiting for the time to enter into their dreams or even into the physical world around them to guide them and help them toward their highest evolution. We all have a higher evolution that is hidden from us.


The dragon magi are the most powerful magic users of all the dragons. They summon magic from the fabric of the universe itself and use it to bend reality to their will. These three dragons will head your call and help you in your magical work If they find you worthy. Their presence will greatly amplify the effectiveness and power of your magical spells. 


These calls are not written or spoken in the Dragon calls book we released. They are completely new special calls. Each call contains a subliminal track that allows you simply listen to the call and allow the energy to work through your subconscious mind. It also has a consciousness elevation track that raises your consciousness to the point where you can use this successfully. 


Time Length: 40:36 

Price: $199.95

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