The Daemonium Medallion

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The concept of demons is as old as mankind.  In the times of old, we huddled against the night, warm in our caves and huts, protected against the beasts that populated the night. We wove stories of angels and demons, personifications of our fears and dreams.  We slept easily with the dreams of our angels.  The dreams of our demons woke us shivering against the cold of darkness. We did not like the darkness.  We did not like the dreams that came in the darkness.  We discovered something about ourselves in those cold long nights.  We discovered that part of us gives birth to evil.
This medallion is designed to help us defeat the evil that is the real reason that we are stuck on this world.  Until we utterly defeat the evil that brings us into this world, we are destined to return here and suffer over and over.  There is only one escape.
Each of us is the child of a living God. We look like that God. We have that God's powers. When our divinity matures, that is the being that we will look like. Our main task in each lifetime is to find both the evil and the good, honestly determine which we are going to feed and nourish, and then follow that Path to freedom from suffering and evil.  When we think we are blocked, we simply have not manifested a clear choice between the two. Talking about the choice and fully living it are two different things.
The Immortal Broadcast is the energy of consciousness that defines the immortal part of your being.  Human consciousness defines only five percent of who you are. There are parts of you that are immortal.  They live in different domains and realities.  They communicate with you and the other parts of yourself. This communication is constant and occurs even when you are asleep.  The brain’s immortal network is home to the dormant power of the divine in your body.
This medallion blocks the negative energies of the Daemonium that flow into us through the Immortalis Broadcast.  It amplifies our own positive divine energies and makes it easier for us to develop the strength to resist evil and negative forces that build up around and within us. The Daemonium is the part of us that embraces evil.
All of us embrace evil to some extent.  We fight against it.  We embrace it.  We pray for it and against it. We go to church. We go to temple. We go to the synagogue. We meditate.  We cry. We curse.  We fight. However, at the end of the fight, no matter what we do, evil persists. Evil cannot be destroyed because it does not exist in the way that a flower does. You can crush a flower, burn it, toss it down the drain and that flower no longer exists.
You cannot treat evil in this way.  You can however develop an enlightened understanding of the concept of evil. Using this medallion, you can than diminish its effect on your life and consciousness so that it no longer affects you in the same way. 
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(2 reviews) Write a Review

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    Posted by Kelvon Barkley on Jul 29th 2020

    All I know is that, I enjoy this energy. I am much more happier and I love to sleep with it under my pillow. I can feel the shift of energy when I wear this or tap into it's energy. I feel much lighter and things always go smoothly when I wear it outside of the house.

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    Unearth yourself

    Posted by Lauren Jones on Mar 12th 2020

    In my youth, I dealt with bouts of anxiety and depression, and I thought I had it under control for some years until I realize that I didn’t. Last year was rough and at that same time I was (not coincidently) introduced to Tybro and all of its tools. After listening to hours of the Masters' radio shows and hearing that anxiety and doubt are an entity named Despair, I figured it was time for me to stop playing around and get the Daemonium medallion. It has been one of my best investments yet! Please note: I am not saying that this was the solution to all of my mental and emotional problems. I still have to meditate, be mindful of my thoughts and actions, watch what I say and claim as my own, and do my spiritual practices DAILY. But what I am saying is that this tool has made it all so much easier. There are days where I honestly catch myself smiling and so full of joy, and I honestly don't think I've truly experienced that before without the lingering of worry in the background. It will be a journey. You will literally have to watch your habits because the medallion will make you more aware. If you get it and do the work, you will start to find out who you really are.