The Dragon Biclophid Sword

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  • The Dragon Biclophid Sword
  • The Dragon Biclophid Sword


The Dragon Biclophid Sword


The metal of this sword was folded 1500 times to capture the essence of the dragon Biclophid. The dragon Biclophid is a dragon of wisdom, healing, and higher moral development. This sword was created in China during the reign of the dragon, over a large region of the southern continent. The dragon has created thousands of descendants that carry his lineage. To this day, these dragons live in secret underground palaces from which they travel to alternate dimensions of reality and rule entire planetary systems.


This sword helps the user tap into the eloptic energy that derives from their contact with these alternative dimensional worlds. The unique patterns of energy that are etched in the sword reflect the energy patterns from these domains that are being captured in metal. Simply holding the sword or meditating with it will help the user tap into the energy of Biclophid and his descendants. 


We only have one of these swords. 


Price: $3000

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