The Holy Shekinah Invocation

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The Invocation of The Holy Shekinah


Although God is omnipresent, He has chosen to manifest His presence in certain locations and at certain times within history. This physical manifestation of God has come to be called the Shekinah.

The Holy Shekinah is the visible manifestation of the presence of God. It is the majestic presence or manifestation of God in which He descends to dwell among men. Whenever the invisible God becomes visible, and whenever the omnipresence of God is localized, this is the Holy Shekinah .  In the Old Testament, most of the visible manifestations took the form of light, fire, or cloud, or a combination of these. A new form appears in the New Testament: the Incarnate Word [John 1:14].

The concept of the Shekinah is behind the wonder of the incarnation.

This recording will bring the power of The Holy Shekinah into your life.  There will be a tangible incarnation of The Creator that will spread extra light and glory to you.  The invocation is spoken in a rare angelic tongue and is the first of its kind to enter into this world.









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    Beautiful Healing Invocation

    Posted by Vicki Harris on Mar 13th 2016

    Master Acharya's voice is so incredibly healing. One can feel her Mother's love coming through and embracing one's soul. Tears of Joy!! Thank you Mother/Acharya, such a gift to us. Much Gratitude.

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    Absolutely love it!

    Posted by Kevin Jordan on Mar 12th 2016

    This is a very calm relaxing invocation of the Holy essence of the Shekina that will put you at ease after a long day. It works very well after a hot shower lying on your back with headphones on.

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    Thanks to The Creator

    Posted by Robert on Mar 11th 2016

    All praise is due to the Creator for blessing us with the Masters. Like most of us that brought The Invocation of The Holy Shekinah was please to hear Master Kathy Gibson's voice doing the invocation. Her voice and the music really place you in a meditate state and you see and feel the words flow through your being. It one the most powerful transending meditional CD's I own......Peace

  • 5

    Posted by Kelly Larsen on Mar 11th 2016

    One of my favorite new meditation CD's! The voice and music pull you in to celebrate the Divine Feminine in us all.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 10th 2016

    the first time I fell asleep with it I received a vision from master Acharya . you bring much peace and calmness in my life. thank-you for the visions you bring and your unforgettable teachings. I am grateful.

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    Soothing Sounds

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 8th 2016

    I added the Holy Shekinah to my bedtime playlist of Master Gibson's audios. As I slept My soul woke up to Acharya's soothing voice. All I could do was smile. This audio is transforming and filled with so much love and light! Thank you Mother for this joyous gift!

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    Holy Light

    Posted by lh on Mar 8th 2016

    This is a great meditation and invocation. I feel a holy light, joy and profound reverence in my heart when I play it. A reminder of how important and sacred the connection with the Holy Shekinah is. Thank you, Archaya for this gift!

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    A Moving Tribute to the Creator

    Posted by S. Roby on Mar 7th 2016

    From the first sound in this beautiful recording, your heart and soul are moved to another space in Creation. Acharya Kathy Gibson's voice blends beautifully with every tone and instrument, making for a beautiful musical composition.
    This powerful invocation brought back memories, enhanced my dreams, and gave me inspiration to add more depth to my personal prayers.
    When I listen to the Invocation of the Holy Shekinah at bedtime, I slip easily into a dream filled sleep. I've remembered the dreams vividly and wake feeling refreshed and full of a serene joy.

  • 5

    Posted by E M - Canada on Mar 7th 2016

    The moment I listened to The Holy Shekinah Invocation I was transfixed. The energy emanating from the words of the Invocation was powerful. Have not had this experience. Highly recommend. Thank you Thank you Thank you