The Luminous One- The Augoeides Tablet

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The Luminous One- The Augoeides Tablet 
Receive a FREE Luminous One Words of Power audio with the purchase of a Augoeides Tablet and three Additional Spells! This audio was mentioned in the Luminous One Part II webinar and will only be available with the tablet. Those who have already ordered the tablet will receive the three new spells as well. This offer is available until 9/30! 
The concept of communicating with a celestial body as large and powerful as our Sun is a foreign notion to most.  In our solar work however, we have discovered that it is indeed possible to develop a personal relationship with the Sun. The Sun is not million of miles away from the Earth, and it can instantly communicate with humans who display advanced levels of consciousness.  
This communication takes the form of discrete and personal blinking patterns, audio responses, spinning, and movements in the sky. 
We have found that each of these communications are personal to the adept.  We can often tell simply by looking at the blinking pattern and listening to the audio response which adept elicited the response. Thus far we have taught you about Solar Gods, Solar Worlds, Solar Words of Power, and Divine Solar Magic. In our final Solar teaching, we will offer you a new teaching, drawing power from your Divine Inner Sun. We have an Inner Sun and an Outer Sun. Together, they create an amalgam of power that has the potential to create great power within and around your consciousness. 
We must learn to meld these two great forces together into one tremendous occult power furnace that can dissolve all your negative energies and release your greatest potential, the Augoeides. Greater than the body of light, greater than the Immortal Soul or The Immortal Spirit. 
It is the Holy Amalgam of your inner Sun and your outer Sun that builds The Luminous Body, the source of all creation and reality that is at once pre-existent, self-sustaining, and omnipresent beyond what we know as space and time. In this work, you will learn to touch The Luminous Body, the part of you that lives beyond healing, beyond suffering, and beyond immortality.
In this tablet, you will learn how to recognize the points in your life that will cause you to return and start over again and again. You will learn how to interact with your environment, lovers, friends, and family in more enlightened ways. 
You will learn to decipher solar code and deja vu experiences. You will learn how to use the sun to communicate with the Augoeides. You will for the first time learn to use your higher will to better control the suffering caused by your actions in each repeating life. You will also learn to use the hidden keys in your life that will help free you and secure your release from this prison.
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    Posted by Carlos Freeman on May 10th 2022

    Consciousness enhancing, life changing.