The Magical Energy Body Report

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The Magical Energy Body Report

An Advanced Examination of Your Full Magical Potential


The magical energy body is the core vehicle that conveys your life force to the world. The magical energy in your organs, chakras, aura, and etheric tissues keeps you alive and functioning in the world.  In the past we have offered a spiritual potential report based on your birth data that gave you a thorough breakdown of all of your potential gifts. We have also provided a psychic body analysis that looked at your soul, karmic history, and spiritual gifts.  We now offer something very new. 
The magical energy body report examines twelve levels of your being.  It gives your primary energy resonance, your body energy scan health, emotional matrix frequency, aura health, chakra health, celestial energy analysis, astral force, and many other analyses you have to see to believe.  With our new device, we can give you a special series of numerical formulas that you can repeat out loud that will help keep your mind, body, and spirit in better health. Remember, your body is a series of mathematical frequencies organized by your consciousness to function in a multidimensional domain. For the first time, we can give you information on all your dimensional energies and guide you toward reaching your full magical wellness potential.
All we need is a picture of you that you may send via email. We no longer require a biological sample. We will send you your advanced magical energy body examination report in PDF for with a list of recommended spiritual tool, recordings, and cleansings that will help you get to the next level and beyond.
These are the energies that we measure in your Magical Energy Body will receive a list of magical tool recommendations specific to your level of development....

All index energies are measured on a 10-1000 power scale, 10 being very low power.

Overall Magical Energy Body Power Status

Psychic Body Power Index

Clairvoyant Energy
Astral Projection Energy
Telekinetic Energy
Healing Energy Status
Miracle Power Status

Major Chakras Strength Index

Solar Plexus
Third Eye

Aura Regeneration Power Index
Aura Cleansing Power Index
Aura Degree of Congestion
Aura Blockage Index

Overall Aura Strength
Inner layer Power
Middle Layer Power
Outer Layer Power

Etheric Toxin Burden Index

Astral Body Power Level
Etheric Body Power Level
Celestial Body Power Level

Cosmic Power Levels

Overall Earth Domain Planetary Energy

Overall Major Fixed Star Matrix Energy

Milky Way Energy
Spica Energy
North Star Energy
Regulus Energy
Your report will be delivered via email in 3-7 business days. 
Please send picture to 
Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson
Price: $350





(3 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Worthwhile Investment

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 16th 2021

    Highly recommended reading as it will provide you with a solid understanding of what you need to work on specifically and gives a recommended list that will help expedite your growth in consciousness. For those that are indecisive about what tools they should purchase, I recommend to get this reading first. Give thanks.

  • 5
    Baseline for Growth

    Posted by Carlos F on Nov 17th 2020

    Spirituality is not a new concept for me, magic in terms of spirituality however is. One that is truly interested in growth should consider this product. It aroused another level of motivation to practice more diligently. Furthermore, it addressed the shortcomings I've experienced along my journey. The truth can hurt lol, but I'm using this product as a springboard for spiritual growth and will be probing my development with this tool across time. A must have for the serious practitioner.

  • 5
    Humbled and Grateful

    Posted by Elsie on Nov 7th 2020

    I am most humbled and grateful for this magical energy body report. This report is most revealing. I was unaware of the many energy bodies. Most important to me, there is a list of recommended tools specific for my spiritual growth. Much thanks to all concerned.