The Miracle Prayer Generator

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The Miracle Prayer Generator


The Miracle Prayer is one of the most powerful healing tools known to man. We have receive hundreds of calls, letters, and emails that are testaments to this power which has been handed down to us from our ancestors. Each time that the prayer is played or repeated, the power of the Name of the Creator is glorified. After practicing meditation and healing for more than 35 years, the Creator has granted us a way to provide the energy of his name in a form that may now be taken directly into the body.


The Miracle Prayer Generator is a thick bronze talisman that is engraved with the Name of the Creator in Malachim Enochian. This dialect of the Primordial language is one of the oldest and most powerful energy generators in the universe. The Angels of the Lord communicated this format to Dr. Gibson and is now being transmitted as a permanent healing tool. The very center of the Generator contains the 42 letter Name of God.


By drinking water or other fluids placed on this Generator, you will be able to lift dense negative energy, and remove karmic debris from your cells. This healing energy will assist you in your soul's mission so that you may receive greater joy, fulfillment, and contentment. This is the first time that you will be able to take the energy of the Name of the Creator directly into your cells via The Miracle Prayer. 





(6 reviews) Write a Review

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    Absolutely Amazing

    Posted by Patrice on Jan 23rd 2023

    I had been in pain for few months and the lack of mobility of my shoulder started to worry me. Xrays revealed I had a bone spur in the joint of my left shoulder. I was then told I needed physical therapy. After a few weeks of physical therapy, nothing changed, the pain was still there. Then one day I decided to try something new. I placed a bottle of castor oil on the generator and left it there for about a day. Then began rubbing the oil on my shoulder for the next couple weeks. The next day I noticed the pain had lessened and gradually the pain disappeared. I am so excited I can move my shoulder freely again. This product is so amazing I had to order another one. I also place a glass of water on the generator every night and drink first thing in the morning. I would absolutely recommend.

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    A true gem!

    Posted by Shirl Rhoades on Dec 28th 2022

    So exciting to see this product on your website again! You've made charging objects with the power of the Miracle Prayer so easy! Now empowering food, water, stones or jewelry for myself is made so simple. I am most excited at the thought of all the gifts I can charge for others! This is so amazing! Thank you!

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    This thing is amazing

    Posted by Nate Oney on Dec 10th 2022

    Not only does this product look beautiful on a physical level, on a spiritual level it is absolutely amazing. I like to charge water, tea and other various liquids on it along with my crystals and amulets. Things I’ve noticed from it are feeling of inner wellbeing, cleansing of the body on a physical level and warm loving feeling whenever I drink liquids I charge on it. Also when I hold it it just feels…Good…. Thats the best way one could explain it. I have never EVER been disappointed with a Tybro product. Immeasurable thanks to Master Gibson & the Tybro Crew Love

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    Just try it

    Posted by Brenda R on Feb 6th 2021

    Thank you for creating such wonderful tools to help people. I had some pains in my body. I've seen this tools and other on this site but didn't think anything about them before in terms of healing myself. So one day after going through the healing tools online I ordered some and from day one after using these tools I can see and feel the difference. Let me be clear. I am not saying do not go to a doctor. For me, I have always been one to search for my cures using the traditional bush medicines and healing tools. My only regret is not ordering these tools sooner. I ordered The Miracle Prayer Generator, The Remote Healing Card, and, the Portal.

  • 5

    Posted by Cheryl Browne on Nov 7th 2020

    I have been following DR Gibson for a few years listening to the miracle prayers and many more of what he gave to us for free. I purchase the miracle pray generator back in September of 2020 to place A glass of water so that I can drink daily .I was not prepare for the type of healing that I have experience from this generator.This pray generator is extremely powerful I would recommend anyone who is sick to give this a try. Thank you master for allowing me to experience this blessing tool.

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    Posted by Gail Volpe on Aug 19th 2020

    Every night I place a glass of water on my generator and each morning I drink the water upon waking. I know that my day is unfolding exactly as God intended and a feeling of gratitude and peace is felt within me. I feel the strong sense that whatever comes my way I am blessed and protected and it’s a true sense of letting go and letting God.