The Ordinis Draconis Medallion

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The Ordinis Draconis Medallion


The Order of the Red Dragon is one of the most powerful spiritual organizations in the universe.  It began over 70 billion years ago in the first multiverse that emerged from the mouth of the Demiurge. It is controlled by a group of Dragon Masters that sprang into being spontaneously from the creative forces of the universe.  Each Dragon Master has the power to take any shape that they choose, including that of the human form.  They live, work, breed, and coexist with humans as a ruling body. These products will each invoke the power of one of these Masters.


The Order has up a system through which humans could learn the truth of their reality.  They set up an outer channel that would give secrets relative to the most superficial realities of the Order.  The outer channels may be discovered by any human who dared to look beyond the surface events of the world.  The outer channels only hint at the power and magic of the deeper reality of the world.  From time to time, the outer channels allow humans to witness real magic through miracles and high technology. The Tybro Followers have proven themselves through their spiritual maturity, miracles, and constant devotion to spiritual growth. You have been appointed as the newest Outer Channel of The Order. This honor allows you to have access to certain aspects of the consciousness and power of the immortal masters and their divine forms.


The Ordinis Draconis Medallion is embued with power from Master 12 and The Great Dragon Czon.  Master 12 has been a Buddhist monk for over 1200 years.  His presence is known to many of the monastic orders.  He never ages, never eats, and never sleeps.  He travels all over southeast Asia teaching, performing miracles and feeding the poor. He has not adopted a formal mission on earth.  He was born fully enlightened and grew to adulthood in two years.  His family knew that he was special and he was adopted into the True Order at the age of 12. He has full control over his divine powers and he is a full immortal.  He is considered to be a full incarnation of The Gautama Buddha. The medallion will connect you to his consciousness and power.


Czon is the divine immortal form of Master 12. The Master is fully aware of the presence and location of his divine immortal form at all times.  He trades consciousness and form with Czon at will.  Czon travels the interplanetary pathways in search of food, energy, and objects of power.  Czon has no formal position within the Order, but he uses his connection to Master 12 to gain admission to the most important gatherings.  Spell Czon’s name three times and stomp your right foot once. He will appear to you in spirit to guide and protect you.


The Ordinis Draconis Medallion:

  • This is the first medallion empowered by the Order
  • Increases the magical energy potential within your cells
  • Will enhance your telepathy
  • Gives you enhanced spiritual power in the dream state and the astral world. Most of you do not have very much power in the dream state or the astral world. This medallion changes that.
  • Gives you enhanced power to perform miracles and expand the potential of your consciousness
  • Creates a lineage link between and The Great Master Czon


The medallion will amplify and focus these powers on your behalf. Wear it proudly, wear it in power, wear it in truth.


Dr. Mitchell Gibson



NOTE: Do NOT curse, drink alcohol, or make love when wearing or using this item. Also, do not get it wet. If you do not follow these guidelines, this tool will begin to lose it’s power or even work against you. If already done so, say a prayer and apologize to the Gods and you will be forgiven.



Price: $400.00


(12 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Very powerful

    Posted by Jenny Lee on Apr 15th 2022

    Prior to going to sleep with this on for the first time. I received a vision of what looked like Bruce Lee and he was doing alot of martial arts movements. And he proceeded to speak to me telepathically. And one thing that he said that I would like to share is, “you must believe in order to achieve.” As humans we have a tendency to doubt ourselves or others. When it comes to these tools I have no doubt, they been very impactful to my growth in a short amount of time.

  • 5
    Dr. Mitchell a Master

    Posted by Prince on Mar 11th 2022

    One truly has to own this medallion this is one of my four medallions As soon as I wore it .I felt a change of my transpersonal conscious self the power immense .the power pure the power hits so many levels..Dr. Mitchell a master words cannot express the love for him and Tybro. No money can equate true knowledge

  • 5
    The Amazing Power of the Ordinis Draconis Medallion

    Posted by Shaii White on Feb 17th 2022

    I realized my spiritual connection and my light early on, and like many others sought out initatory practices of that would help to protect me in my waking state. I didn't have many experiences in my sleeping state that concerned me, but when you elevate, ascend spiritually, your light brightens and you become the target of many entities in many disguies. I thought using crystals would be ideal to help me navigate my travels at night, yet nothing has ever given me such complete solace, protection and a sense of peaceful comfort as this medallion. I didn't know what to expect upon purchase, but I can say if you have any experiences trying to navigate the darkness that follows you dimensionally when you are asleep (or awake), the Ordinis Draconis is what you want to have with you. Sleep has become effortless and I feel well rested when I awake. I still have experiences and remember most of those travels, but there is no fear in my spirit anymore. In my opinion, the power of this medallion is irrefutable. The blessing of being connected to Tybro and the Ganden Network has been nothing short of amazing. I am anxious to purchase more items...these tools are authentially the REAL DEAL! I pray your purchase of this medallion brings you as much PEACE as mine has brought to me. I know that I am divinely protected with this medallion.

  • 5
    Can't wait to combine this baby with other tools!

    Posted by marvin veasy on Sep 7th 2021

    In the short amount of time that I've worn it and slept with it under my pillow, my intuition has greatly increased with its use. It must be my telepathic signal strengthening. I can sense a subtle switch so to speak, just before the coincidental events. I'm not able to pinpoint what the occurrence will be but I definitely "sense" it . I can't wait to combine this with the Book of Leaves, Accelerated texts, Atlantean Circuits, and several other tools that I own which work on expanded consciousness. How could I forget its other functions! I'm going to clean house one day, Tybro family! LOL!

  • 5
    Telepathic at its Best!

    Posted by Meira Oralee Atarah on Aug 25th 2021

    Greetings of Peace, I love this medallion, LOL!! This particular night with the medallion under my pillow, I seen myself and others on a stage, while Master was asking each of us questions while scanning us too. Afterwards, Master sent me a telepathic message to see if I can hear him. I felt he was testing me to check the strength of the signal, LOL!! So I responded back by saying, yes I can hear you Master. And then he laughed and I started to laugh. I was laughing so hard in that realm that I heard myself laugh in this realm which kinda of woke me up back into this realm, just laughing. So I hurried up to go back into the dream state, LOL!! It was soooo beautiful!!! I thought about saying, Mic check 1, 2 ah 1, 2 LOL!! Overall, it was a clear reception and dream-state. Thank you for letting me know I can hear telepathically Master! And Thank you Czon!!! Love, Meira

  • 5
    I Love Master 12

    Posted by Meira Oralee Atarah on Aug 25th 2021

    Greetings of Peace, I keep all my medallions on my altar until the energy of a particular one calls for me to wear it. This particular day this medallion “THE ORDINIS DRACONIS MEDALLION” called me. I wore it all week and slept with it under my pillow. Well one night I saw myself freeze up these negative people that hid my son in a closet, although he is a grown man now he was child in that dream. I froze them all up and noticed a bullet coming at me, that I stopped in mid air, turned in around back at the shooter, thought about it and then picked it up to throw the bullet out the window. I then proceeded to find my son. I told all them that their memory would be erased and they will not remember this day, I unfroze them and left with my son, smiling. I felt so magical, powerful and happy, even when when I woke up, knowing and aware of what I did in the Dream State. Thank you Master and Czon!! I was able to save my son in another life from harm while being protected and guided. Gratitude Love, Meira

  • 5
    Order of the red dragon medallion

    Posted by Denis on Oct 30th 2020

    Beautifully crafted and is very powerful. I'm not sure why I got it but something compelled me to get it and so far I'm happy I did. We all should have a connection to the forces that rule our reality and this definitely accomplishes that .

  • 5
    Full of Energy

    Posted by Arthur Lewis on May 1st 2020

    I use this medallion with all my energy work and I feel a warm rush of energy surfing through me. I will continue to advance. Thanks TYBRO!

  • 5
    we worked together

    Posted by Nathan Dixon on Apr 25th 2017

    I believe I saw master 12 one night. it was very buddha like. we were both in a lotus pose. I awoke and was very peaceful. thank you master Sincerely Nate the Great