The Thoth Medallion

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The Thoth Medallion


The Egyptian God Thoth is the God of wisdom, writing, science, magic, judgement, and arts. Thoth is the patron of the scribes and the divine author of all books. He is credited alongside goddess Isis with the creation of hieroglyphics and demotic writing. Thoth is often depicted with the head of a bird and is referred to as a god of the moon. He is often mentioned in association with his wife, the goddess Maat. Thoth is known as a great mediator and other Gods oftentimes come to him for advice. Thoth is the God form of Dr. Gibson.


This medallion will connect you to the energy and consciousness of the higher reality of Thoth. There are many levels of consciousness in all of us. Achieving a higher level of consciousness is necessary in order to become more powerful at manifesting one's desire. This medallion helps push one's consciousness to a level of reality that allows one to manifest with Thoth's divine energy. 



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(1 review) Write a Review

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    Stunning and Powerful

    Posted by Nate Oney on Sep 14th 2022

    Well to start off, the Medallion is about stunning to look at and hold in your hands. It is bigger than I thought it would be and quite honestly when first got it it was kind of shocking. I attached it to hematite necklace I have and it serves as a beautiful piece. This piece also serves as an amazing tool to connect with the energy of Thoth. The spiritual downloads are quite something. This piece, along with every single Tybro product I’ve bought has been very useful and I look foreword to using it in the future. Big thanks to Tybro!