The Oshun Divinity Talisman (Large)

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The Oshun Divinity Talisman (Large)


The divine powers of the Orishas draw from the ancient spiritual energies of this planet. Their power is rooted in very powerful primordial elemental energy.

The goddess Oshun is one of the most well known and beloved of the Orishas. She is a river goddess associated with beauty, love, fertility, and prosperity. She is often sought out for help recovering from severe poverty. The goddess is known for her cheer and celebration of live and love.

Oshun can be an extremely benevolent and responsive deity who loves sweet and shiny things, offerings of clean, fresh water and music.

The Oshun Divinity Talisman is imbued with the energy and essence of the goddess. Wearing the necklace during meditation and surrounding yourself with pure and genuine feelings of joy and happiness will help to connect you to the power of the goddess. When you are connected to the goddess Oshun, she will hear your requests and help you in most any area of your life especially prosperity, love, and spiritual enlightenment.

This Talisman will strengthen the spells contain in the Oshun Abundance & Growth E-Book but will bring great blessings to your life on its own.


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Price: $2000

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