Netranis: The Crystal Charging and Cleansing Plate (4x5)

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The Crystal Charging and Cleansing Plate (4x5)
We have recently designed a crystal cleansing and charging plate that will cleanse and add power to your crystals. Simply lay your crystals down on the plate for 8 hours and they will be cleansed of any dark force. During the cleansing process, the plate gathers ambient magical current energy from your surroundings and channels it into your crystal(s). You may place up to 10 crystals on your charging plate at a time.  This plate cleanses crystals using divine magical energy stored within the circuits of the plate. The plate charges the crystals with magical current energy and the charge is good for six months, after which you will have to repeat the process.
This plate comes in two sizes;
4x5- $399.95 
8x10- $699.95 
Price: 399.95
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