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The Removing Negative Karma CD contains a unique and powerful grouping of energies that are designed to mitigate and destroy the energy within the negative karmic seeds within the body.  This CD contains: 

The Christ/Buddha Consciousness Frequency: this frequency is 33 cycles per second.  The human brain generates this frequency during some meditative states and during high states of bliss.  This energy fights the negative karmic potential within the cells.

The Pure Neptune Frequencies:  these frequencies raise the energy of the cell to their highest spiritual potential.  Neptune energy allows us to get in touch with our deepest unconscious potential and raise it to the level of our conscious awareness.

The Cure All Frequency-800 hz:  this frequency has been shown to be very effective in helping the body fight off the presence of bacteria, viruses, and fungi.  The Cure-All Frequency also helps raise the dynamic healing potential of the cell and helps to destroy the energy of negative karmic seeds.  

The combined effect of these frequencies allows the body to heal negative karmic energy.  We suggest that you use the recording at least three to four times per week.  The Removing Negative Karmic Energy recording is especially useful in helping you release the energy associated with:



Chronic Illness

Recent Surgery (Major or Minor)




Loss of a job

Loss of a loved one

Emotional difficulties

Marital Separation


We offer this recording as a tool to help the user navigate the myriad negative energies that bathe our world.  It is an excellent adjunct to our Spiritual Cleansing packet, Soul Cleansing, and Spirit Attachment Removal Recordings.


Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson


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21 Reviews

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    Remove negative karna

    Posted by Tim Snodgrass on Jan 31st 2024

    After roughly a week I feel like a weight is lifted off of me. I love this

  • 5

    Amazing tool

    Posted by Ryan Rhodes on Mar 13th 2023

    Ive been listening to this audio for about a week now and it's a must have in my TYBRO tool kit. With this audio I feel as though I'm chipping away some of the blockages I've acquired through out my life. Much gratitude for this being such an affordable price. Thank you Master's. This is something that will help me advance and move forward.

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    Posted by Zonda Thomas on Jun 17th 2022

    I use this tool for when company comes over and they may have a negative vibe- even if small. I would play the audio in the rooms that company hung out in, and the air felt clean. I use it for myself when I drift down the rabbit hole of negative thoughts or when I hear a lot of negative news, this audio helps remove those negative thoughts and feelings I would have. When my head is clear, I can focus and meditate.

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    Removing negative Karma

    Posted by Zonda on Mar 3rd 2022

    This is a tool that I needed for a long time and didn’t know it. I am constantly playing this at home, work, and my car whenever I feel off or unfocused. A treasure indeed!

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    Removing Negative Karma

    Posted by Jazmine on Feb 19th 2021

    I came across this audio at a time in my life where I really needed it. Thank you for the blessing!

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    Posted by Shahiea Williams on Jan 12th 2021

    Best I’ve listen to in a while!!! Great for dreams as well!

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    Removing Negative Karma Audio

    Posted by Robin on Dec 6th 2020

    I love this audio and how this cleanser has worked with me. I perceive that it immediately get back what I have been immediately putting out, good or bad. In this way, karma is faced head on and processed/ healed but I feel like any negative karma is somehow met with grace, lightening the blow and what could have went much worst quickly dissipated instead. As I play the healer more while minding right mind, speech and action, the more healing can be dedicated to past karma. It is as if any new karma has to be processed immediately and slows the healing of past karma so I must be mindful not to create more karma. I'm not sure if this is actual or only my limited understanding of what is actually happening but I have it on continuous replay, play it for my ancestral altar and experiencing more than the expected results with this healing audio. Thank you Tybro Fam

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    Very powerful

    Posted by Denis on Oct 30th 2020

    I usually sit in my car and listen to with the volume up and I usually feel lighter afterwards . I appreciate this gift from the Gods

  • 4


    Posted by Beautiful on Oct 13th 2020

    This is one of a kind cleanser I use this products whenever I stressed or troubled and it really helps thanks Dr Gibson

  • 5


    Posted by Jah on Sep 10th 2020

    This is one of several items I have received from Tybro and I am content with all the resources they have to offer. I will be submitting a letter of interest to join Manus Dei Magial Lodge. Thank You.

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