The AOS 8.0 Medallion

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  • The AOS 8.0 Medallion
  •                                                                                                          The Angels of Sanctification 8.0

The Super Snow Moon is a name given to February moon by Native Americans and Europeans as it is a month associated with heavy snowfall. Given that it is a Super Moon today, it is being called a Super Snow Moon. Similarly, the hunger moon name comes from the lack or limited availability of food during winter. Other names of the February moon are storm moon, ice moon or bone. As we mentioned earlier, Super Moon is a term used to describe a full moon that happens when Moon is closed or near its closet to Earth.

The supernatural significance of the Super Snow Moon its power to protect the citizens of Earth from negative spirits.  There are hordes of spirits that are going to attempt to invade Earth. Their goal is to start a war that will kill millions. The gods send energy through the Super Snow full moon in order to help us protect ourselves.  The new Angels of Sanctification 8.0 Medallion will be embued with the power of this event.  It is designed to be twice as powerful as the AOS 5.0 medallion.  It will radiate the power of the angels combined with the power of the Gods to protect you. It is now our most powerful protective medallion.

Price: $400.00


The Angels of Sanctification 8.0
The new Angels of Sanctification 8.0 Medallion is embued with the power of a Super Snow Moon.  The supernatural significance of a Super Snow Moon’s power is to protect the citizens of Earth from negative spirits.  There are hordes of spirits that attempt to invade Earth and start a war that will kill millions. The gods sent an energy through the Super Snow full moon in order to help us protect ourselves. 

It is designed to be twice as powerful as the AOS 5.0 medallion.  It will radiate the power of the angels combined with the power of the Gods to protect you. It is now our most powerful protective medallion.

When these angels work together through this medallion:

They dissolve negative karma,

Build positive karmic forces within the body,

Heal negative events in the past and the future,

Helps humans begin new projects

Helps bring the wearer new ideas

Protects from hexes and curses,

Prevents attaching spirits from getting into the aura,

Removes demons, negative elementals, and other dark forces

Cleanse negative forces from the soul. (Level One Intensity)
NOTE: Do NOT curse, drink alcohol, or make love when wearing or using this item. Also, do not get it wet. If you do not follow these guidelines, this tool will begin to lose it’s power or even work against you. If already done so, say a prayer and apologize to the Gods and you will be forgiven.
Price: $400.00
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23 Reviews

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    AOS 8.0 Medallion

    Posted by Leigh Ann Phillips on Feb 3rd 2022

    My closest aunt is going through her transition, and she insists on being buried, not cremated. This will be more challenging for her soul, so to protect her soul facets from the Daemonium, i have purchased this to place in her coffin. This is a very powerful medallion. However, this is also one of Tybro's most powerful tools that can protect a soul during their transition. I just want to do what I can to make her passage as smooth and peaceful as possible. Thank you, Masters, for making it possible to protect the souls of my loved ones on their journey. Namaste.

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    8.0 Medallion

    Posted by Mary C on Jul 20th 2021

    I am an energy healer and love this medallion! I was not sure at first how to work with it. I practiced sending reiki to a friend and she told me that she was so sky high that it was more than the usual effects of my energy from before. So I suppose the medallion amplifies your healing abilities. Every time I wear it, I feel a calming sense of peace and I could feel the energies from my crown and 3rd eye. It’s really a very powerful medallion and I am happy I finally purchased one.

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    This Review Should Be 10 Stars!!

    Posted by Raven Coates on Jun 9th 2021

    I've only been wearing this medallion for two days and it is changing my life. Blessings are occurring and I feel the energy swirling around in my head and upper jaw area. Healing is occurring!!! Thank you Tybro!

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    Posted by E B on Mar 11th 2021

    Highly recommended

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    Exactly what I needed!

    Posted by Jennie on Feb 10th 2021

    This is kind of a continuation of my First Medallion Reviews... I started off listening to many of the audios on this site including the Spirit Attachment Audio. Then I added the First Medallion along with the Illuminated Consciousness Accelerated Texts and The Portal. Long story short, I felt as if I had initiated an all out war with negative entities! Some thing or things were not happy that I was trying to get rid of them. I may have also been dealing with a curse, but that's a whole other story. Everything changed when the AOS arrived. In fact, everything changed before the AOS arrived. A few hours before the AOS arrived bitcoin had the best day ever. I made over $2k on my investment in one day! My cat Felix jumped in my friend/ roommate's lap for the first time ever in 11 years. And the energy just seemed really positive. Then when the AOS arrived my friend took one look at it and knew that he needed one too. All the weird entity energy seemed to come to a halt. This is exactly what I needed! Now I wear the AOS and The First medallion together all day long and to sleep. I feel more protected than ever! Awesome! I think everyone should have this medallion!

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    Enhances Spiritual Evolutionary Process

    Posted by Alex on Jan 26th 2021

    I recently received the AOS 8.0 - it is my first Tybro Medallion. I work with it in meditation, pranayama and imagery-tikkun. My insight is that this the AOS 8.0 will work with you in whatever way you are currently developing and activates these frequencies of the medallion in you to support the unfolding movements forward. For example, it has helped me in (inner) spiritual research, unblocking my creativity (through dream work), perception and accessing a greater depth of Light for healing and clearing. Overall amplifies my spiritual practice. I have experienced it's ability to do all the things that are listed. the AOS Medallion is a great ally and blessing! I can now simply attune to this medallion and it opens within me now, as if it's imprinted in my field now, which supports my body sustaining higher and clearer frequency, especially in 2021 with it being more challenging to hold a stabilized field. This not only stabilizes the AOS purifies and supports the expanding into your True Nature. I've been encouraged to connect more deeply with each individual Angel and their unique Light so that I can utilize a higher potential of AOS Medallion. I highly recommend the AOS Medallion as a legitimate spiritual tool to break up the negative, elevate, protect, heal and expand spirit, mind and body. Thank you Dr. Gibson

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    best medallion for these times

    Posted by Leigh Ann Phillips on Jul 20th 2020

    The AOS 8.0 is the best and most powerful medallion to wear daily for these times. I wear mine, and sleep with mine 24/7 ,period. Thank you so much for providing tools that allow us to stay more joyously on the spiritual path. This medallion really helps!

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    Posted by Afi on Apr 19th 2020

    The original AOS has been apart of my spiritual practices since coming into Tybro. However the power of the 8.0 is mind-blowing. It began working with me through my dreams b4 arriving. The day the Medallion arrived I came down with a massive spiritual headache. I couldn't figure out where it was coming from until the mail carrier arrived. Mind you the mail typically ran once during the day. This day my package arrived shortly before the end of my shift. Thats when knew the source. I brought the package home & I could feel the space around me clearing. My hands began to vibrate as I adjusted to its light. All I could say was woaaaah. Since then my prayers & meditations have amplified. & continue to amplify the more I use it.. The space in-between a thought & the answer has thinned. I've experienced financial blessings when using it with manifesting prayers. I have an overall feeling of protection & healthy well-being that is absolutely felt. You can truly feel the difference in the density around you when you do not wear it. The AOS is one of the most powerful multi use medallions in this world. It is used in almost every aspect of my spiritual work. I can't see myself ever being without it. Master truly out did himself. Blessings

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    The AOS 8.0 Medallion

    Posted by Tiffani Aikens on Mar 30th 2020

    After receiving this medallion and wearing it, i feel a sense of peace come over me. Like theirs literally nothing to worry about. ( And that's not lightly stated considering that I am an Army Active Duty Veteran that has deployed in war a little over 4 times. And I have been diagnosed with PTSD among other things.)I purchased one for me and my son. Honestly, neither one of us feel comfortable without it. My anxiety in life has almost completely disappeared. Definitely excited to see what else this medallion can do. Thank you Master Gibson. And thank you to the entire Tybro family for presenting the information necessary to get these items purchased.

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    This medallion works

    Posted by Womens Development on Mar 24th 2020

    There is some energy to these medallions. I put it on and I can feel the energy it produces. I will happily be back for more.

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