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The Book of Shields




The Book of Shields is the first of its kind.  In the picture above, you are witnessing the physical appearance of psychic shielding.  Shields are not usually visible. This process protects the user from attack, disease, and other worldly forces that would seek to cause harm.  Shielding is an ancient art that is seldom taught to mortals. We see the process in movies, tv, books, and other venues that pretend fantasy and entertainment.  However, the art of building and using shields is an ancient process that dates back many thousands of years.  Magicians, angels, elementals, gods, and countless other entities use shield for many different purposes.  Shields may protect against aging, poverty, attack, loss of life, injury, loss of fertility, disease, and a host of other processes that one might not believe.


Shielding is built into the genetic blueprint of most conscious life forms.  When you see that spark of light or billowing orb that floats out and around you, it is generally one of your many shield forms attempting to form.  We are not generally taught to use shields, but the subconscious, unconscious, and higher minds know them and use them without our knowledge. The Book of Shields brings this knowledge into the light. The genetic database of the shielding art is called the Eyunymodon.


It is an ancient genetic sequence that is tied to angelic words of power.  Each shield is to be visualized and spoken into being.  They are generally invisible to all but the most sensitive beings.  They work extraordinarily well and may be invoked in silence whenever needed.  Some people are able to erect shields that can defend against even the most ardent source of potential injury.  One of my favorite uses of a shield is to place it under an item and then to levitate the item with the power of the shield. 


The Book of Shields is a classic gem in the Library of Thoth. We are happy to offer it to our followers. This is one that you will want to study and use until you master the art.




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(No reviews yet) Write a Review